There are some notable additions to the accessory line-up being offered at your local MINI dealer. They're listed here but can also be found in the new “Motoring Accessories” Brochure.

  • Sport Exhaust for the Cooper only (It'll be interesting to see how this compares to the other exhausts out there)
  • Chrome mirrors (they've actually been around for a couple months now)
  • Two new flags: The St. Andrew's Cross of Scotland and St. George's Cross of England have been added (these have been available elsewhere in the world where for quite some time.)
  • Four new sets of wheels: the 16″ R88, 16″ R87, 15″ R86 (Again these are not new, just new to the US.)
  • Cloth seat covers in “panther black” and “tartan red”
  • Auxiliary Gauges; Battery voltage and oil temp readings (they fit under the toggle switches)
  • Stainless steel foot rest (from the MCS); great addition to any Cooper – I put mine in last summer.
  • Steering wheels with either Cordoba or Emerald leather inserts
  • Shift knob and lever gaiter in Cordoba, Emerald and Lapis (same for the CVT except Silver replaces Lapis
  • Rear saddle bag for extra storage; fits in boot (behind the seats).
  • Roof rack systems galore (too many to list)
  • Invisishield; clear removable plastic to protect the front of your MINI
  • The “Zipper” indoor car cover (finally officially available)
  • Plus tons of cleaning products for your MINI

I imagine this is the tip of the iceburg.