The MINI iPaq GPS option

Some of you have asked about the mysterious iPaq GPS option that has been listed as an accessory for 6 months now. It looks like prices and part numbers have just been released for the UK:

  • Holder – – 212.77 ex VAT
  • Software – – 268.09 ex VAT
  • GPS Module – – 319.16 ex VAT

From the GPS iPaq manual:

The PDA Navigation offers a Europe- wide map navigation system which you can store as required on the PDA. Navigation instructions are displayed on the PDA screen. Depending on the equipment fitted in the car, acoustic information is output via the loudspeakers in the car or the PDA speaker.

You can download the PDF manual (German & English) here.

There's no word on US availabilty at this point.

  • For the money I would have expected some sort of bluetooth connection – eliminating those obnoxious wires.

  • I agree, Gabe, and a Palm OS version would be nice too. But then, why do we need to know where we're going anyway?

  • SingaporeJim

    That reminds me, when I first took possesion of my car, the dealer mentioned something about minis being “satelite ready”. Know anything about that?

  • Maybe he was referring to satellite radio. BMW has been promising satellite radio compatibility for a couple years now. I seem to remember MINI saying the same thing last year. Of course that is yet to happen.

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