Okay it sounds better than it actually is. I got an email a week ago from a Crains reporter wanting to ask me a variety of questions for a story they were writing on the MINI phenomena. So I offered a number of names of area owners that might be good to talk to. As it turns out Victoria Landau and I were the only ones that actually made the article. Nonetheless it's an interesting piece that generally retraces most of what's been written before. Here are our respective quotes:

“You really do stand out from the crowd when you drive a MINI” says Ms. Landau who owns an indie blue model with a black roof. “I get dirty looks from people in Hummers. But then, some people roll down their windows and say, 'What's that? It's so cute.'”…

…Obviously some people aren't convicted that bigger is better. MINI owner Gabriel Bridger is one of those people.

“When you get a big, flashy car, you're just flaunting your supposed testosterone.” Mr. Bridger says. “When I drive my MINI, there's no pretense there, no overbearing connotations…People actually smile at you rather than scowl.”

I swear I don't remember saying “big and flashy”. Anyway the article is online but only available to premium subscribers of Crains Chicago. The magazine is available at finer newsstands across the Chicago area.