UPDATE 2: Another source has now told me that a typical dealer should be able to get around a total 20 kits for 2003. Aparently many dealers are already sold out of their initial allotment.

UPDATE: I just received some more info from the same source:

My info yesterday was “lite” on the numbers.
Now the source says “150 kits for 75 dealers”. I am stunned! Hopefully they can gear up and get
a bunch more produced.

This is an amazingly small amount. I wouldn't be surprised if this is just the initial spring production. (the original post is below)

I just received this from a very reliable source:

Don't tell anyone where you heard this….but the availability of these aforementioned kits is going to be VERY limited! Dealers will only be able to get just a few initially. It seems to me HQ has underestimated the popularity of this upgrade, and supply is extremely limited…1500 only. Parts deptartments have 'em on backorder now.”

So unless MINIUSA changes the allocation numbers all you JCW hopefuls may want to get on the phone to your dealer sooner rather than later. Pricing will be $4500 + an estimated 8-10 hours of dealer installation. No word yet on how much the JCW accessories like 18″ wheels and sport seats will cost.