The MINI Cabrio Round-up

This post is meant to be a place one can go to find all the latest info on the MINI Cabrio. It will be updated as new information comes in. Enjoy!

[UPDATE 1.22.04]: The MINI Cabrio is Officially Released!

[UPDATE 1.22.04]: More Cabrio Shots From London

[UPDATE 1.19.04]: Orange Inside and Out

[UPDATE 1.16.04]: More MINI Cabrio Details

[UPDATE 1.10.04]: Striking MCS Cabrio Gold in Central London

[UPDATE 1.1.04]: The 2005 MINI Cabrio Interior Revealed

[UPDATE 12.23.03]: 2005 MINI Face lift Revealed

[UPDATE 10.16.03]: More MCS Cabrio Spyshots & Video Footage

[UPDATE 10.13.03]: New MINI Cabrio Photos

[UPDATE 9.15.03]: MINI Convertible Spyshots Page Updated

[UPDATE 8.25.03]: The MINI Cabrio… One Year and Counting (A general update on what to expect from the new MINI Cabrio/Open in a year's time.)

[UPDATE 8.16.03]: New Getrag Gearbox For The Cooper In 2005

[UPDATE 6.25.03]: MINI Cabrio Color & Trim Information.

[UPDATE 6.12.03]: MINI Cabrio Launch Update

[UPDATE 5.28.03]: The MINI Cabrio May Be Built By Pininfarina.

[UPDATE 5.23.03]: MINI has shown official photos to the dealers .

[UPDATE 5.15.03]: MINI has now confirmed the new convertible models.

As we get closer to the late summer '04 roll-out of the MINI Cabrio (or the MINI Open as it maybe called) new info seems to be coming in weekly. So in response to all these photos, videos, facts, and figures I thought I'd create a post with all the current Cabrio information that I have on my site. Here are the various posts:

Another MINI Cabrio Video

Spy Video of the new MINI Cabrio

Yes Virginia… there will be an MCS Cabrio

The MINI Cooper… Open?


p>The New New MINI (rumors)

And here are the original pictures (not photoshopped as like most out there) from AutoExpress:

the new MINI Cabrio

If anybody has heard something that isn't listed here feel free to add it in the comments section.