MINIUSA Addresses the Rear Foglight Issue

[Update] This news comes from Autoweek:

Mini will offer rear fog lamp in not too distant future

“Mini will get a rear fog lamp in the not-too-distant future,” says Jack Pitney, head of Mini's U.S. operation.

Big deal? Well, it is to 729 signers of an e-petition ( irked over a disabled fog lamp that dresses the Mini's rear end. Europe gets the working edition of the lamp, but U.S.-spec cars are lacking the switch and software to activate the light. Pitney says all U.S. Minis, new and used, will get rear fog lamps.


p>It would look like my post on this from 4/2 was right on.




As posted on Roadfly:



Well, we said that we would pass your comments regarding rear fog lights along within MINI and we did. We're happy to report that MINI is working diligently on getting you what you've asked for. While we are certain that our current rear lighting arrangement offers more than adequate signaling, we also really believe in doing our best to satisfy our customers. We've appreciated all you've had to say on this subject and because of what you've said, we're all listening.

As these types of enhancements are compounded by regulatory and technical challenges, we ask that you remain as patient as you've been until we can update you further.

Thanks again for your support and your input.
MINIUSA Customer Relations

I did post about a rumor a couple months back that MINIUSA was working on the issue and that there might be some sort of retrofit available. It will be very interesting to see if this proves to be true and if so will go a long way towards MINIUSA's customer relations.

  • Steve Rosenblum

    I still think the extra brake lights are of more benefit. I think the real issue is that people are upset not having a toggle switch ,and staring at a blank spot in the dash. I do however like the idea of having the top bulbs function as brake lights, and having the switch override to fog lights when turned on (and having the override reset after shuting off the car)

  • I agree… more brake lights are of a greater value to me. That being said it would be nice to have both 🙂

  • It's all about choice gentemen. They took it away and we want it back. Steve, nice suggestion maybe another switch would work too 🙂

  • Donna

    Either would work for me, though I prefer the extra brake light. Mostly, I hate to see it go to waste, serving neither purpose, like it is now.

  • See the latest BMW 7 series, which has rear fog lights which also function as extra brake lights when necessary!

  • Wow I had no idea that the 7 series did that. I wonder if the new E60 5 series will have that feature.