UPDATE 2: I just added a bunch of great photos from Scott in the Pre-Screening Gallery.

UPDATE: Kevin from Patrick just emailed to tell me that the “official” count was 138 MINIs! He thinks that a handful more slipped in after they stopped counting as well making his final estimate at over 140 MINIs yesterday at the Italian Job Pre-Screening – absolutely incredible! This is the biggest MINI event that I've heard of outside of the LA premier! The crazy thing was the MINI dealership 20 minutes away also had a pre-screening. It looks like they had a decent, if not smaller turnout as well (see photos below). It would have been incredible to get both these groups together.

A BIG thanks to Patrick MINI for hosting this event and allowing the Chicago MINI Motoring Club to be a part of it. They really showed us the true spirit of Motoring by inviting everyone – even those who didn't purchase their MINIs there. Also I'd like to thank Kevin for all his hard work to make this happen.

You can find all the photos at motoringfile.com/italian_job. I'd like to thank Rick Kozal (3rd), Michael Salazar (last 2), Simon Lee (1st 2), and JH (3rd/4th to last) for sending me some of their photos. Also Chip has sent me a link to a page of photos he took lastnight. If anyone has any other photos they'd like to share please email me.

If anyone wants to check out how the 2nd Chicago area screening went (at Bill Jacobs) check out these photos taken by Chris.

The film itself turned out to a really fun caper movie that really pays homage to the original. I know I'll never look at a subway staircase the same way again.

Thanks everyone! I look forward to the next Chicago event.