I thought I'd post a small update on how the Chicago MINI Motoring Club is coming along for those in the Chicago area. Here is the latest:

  • We've named a board of directors and are progressing through all the necessary paper work as we speak.
  • In the coming month we'll be partnering with MCO to create the club website and forums (it'll look very different than the current crop of MCO club sites).
  • We'll also soon be be finishing up the membership benefits package and announcing when annual dues can be received.
  • And finally we'll be working with a Chicago area dealer who is going to be sponsoring a significant Rally in the middle of July.

Naturally those of you on the email info list will be informed of all CMMC news as it happens. For those interested in learning more about the Chicago MINI Motoring Club but aren't yet on the list please feel free to email me and I'll add you.