The MINI Saddle Bag

From Bbmykal:

“Okay they are not cheap, total was something like $120.00 but I need to maximize my MINI's boot.

The bags go under the rear shelf and attach with 4 screws provided. There were places for the screws to attach to already on the shelf (I never noticed the four little bumps). It has the “offical” Owner's Manual holder on the left, a wide pocket in the middle (holds my Gtech, screwdriver, and trorx driver) and a small pocket on the right with the MINI logo (holds 2 FRS radios perfectly). You can tell how deep the pockets are as it's only as deep as the shelf itself. When I originally purchased it from the pictures in the catalog, it looked like they hung off the back of the seat (thus the name “saddle bags”) but no it's totally held on under the shelf. Works nicely when those string things are attached…

For those interested the official MINI part number is: 82 11 0 154 464

  • EZ installation took only about 10 min

  • Amy

    Are they sturdy? And how much weight can they hold?

  • Definately sturdy(better be for the $$). how much weight do you want to put on 4 screws? I would not put a hardcover book in there but it's decent. Closed in by strong velcro that sticks to the fabric.

  • Noah Dress

    $120???? You could have someone make them out of primo saddle leather for that!

    • As someone who gets custom upholstery done often, I can assure you that no, no you can’t.

      • Noah Dress

        You’re going to the wrong upholstery.