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This Past August at Bridger.us/MINI

MotoringFile Sections: Uncategorized Aug 30th, 2003 2 Comments

Bridger.us/MINI will once again be taking a little break over the holiday weekend so I thought I'd like offer another look at some of the stories from this past month:



  • Newsflash: Runflats are Harsh
  • How To Giudes Added
  • Chicago MINI Motoring Club Website Launched
  • Random Thoughts on MINI Loaners
  • Autoweek's Take on the JCW MCS
  • The MCS at Zolder Belgium
  • The MINI Cabrio… One Year and Counting
  • The Origins of the MINI Cooper 5-speed Manual
  • Route 66 in a MINI
  • Mini Sales Throughout the Years
  • Making Your MINI's Foglights Yellow
  • New Commercials at MINIUSA.com
  • The MINI-FINI Cup Link System
  • The MINI-FINI Armrest
  • The JCW Do-it-Yourself Kit Update
  • The Geography of Buying a MINI
  • New Getrag Gearbox for the Cooper in 2005
  • The MINI Scores in Car & Driver Superfour Challenge
  • Wired Magazine Compares Apples to MINIs
  • MINIUSA/MCO Trademark Update
  • Repairing Your Own Foglight
  • The Chicago MINI Motoring Club August Update
  • The Italian Job(s) Released On DVD Oct. 7th
  • The MINI vs the C230 Sports Coupe
  • MINIUSA Responds to the MCO Legal Situation
  • Over 100,000 MINIs Delivered This Year Worldwide
  • MINIUSA Legal, MCO, and Boycotts
  • TechTV Covers the MINIUSA/MCO Debacle
  • The Puma MINI Cooper S
  • MINIUSA Build Your Own Now Updated with 2004 Options
  • Extending the Full Maintenance on Your MINI
  • The Mini Cooper Online Petition
  • Puma and MINI Introduce the MINI_Motion Driving Shoe
  • MINIs Non-Traditional Advertising
  • MINIUSA Legal Goes After MINICooperOnline.com
  • 7.6 Percent Jump In July Sales For MINIUSA
  • MINI Announces 2004 Pricing
  • For a full list of recent posts simply check the Archives.

    Newflash: Runflats are Harsh!

    MotoringFile Sections: Uncategorized Aug 29th, 2003 21 Comments

    Not that it hasn't been said a million times before (and even by me on several occasions) but… Runflats really make for a jarring ride. Soon after I got my Cooper in April of 02 I made the switch from 16″ OEM wheels and runflats to 17″ wheels and non-runflat tires. At the time I noticed a bit of difference but since I haven't had much of a chance to thoroughly drive a runflat equipped Cooper. With my current MINI loaner I have had an opportunity to further experience just what those non-runflats did to my ride.

    The truly amazing thing is the larger 17″ wheels/tires combo are actually more comfortable than the 16″ runflat OEM setup that I replaced. Based on my experience I'd strongly urge any Cooper owner who feels their ride is a bit too harsh to try replacing their runflats with regular tires when the time comes. I believe it will be a revelation to most. Of course MCS owners will have to make sure they have a good mobility kit on hand if they want to go this route (or a good mobile phone).

    How To Guides Added

    MotoringFile Sections: Uncategorized Aug 29th, 2003 No Comments

    I've added several more “How To Guides” links courtesy of Jason Livingood:

    Of course Jason is also the one originally responsible for the rear foglight petition that MINI eventually listened to. So I suppose a shout out of sorts is in order – well done Jason.

    Chicago MINI Motoring Club Website Launched

    MotoringFile Sections: Uncategorized Aug 29th, 2003 No Comments

    After some delays the Chicago MINI Motoring Club website has finally been launched. You can check it out at: chicagominiclub.com.

    The site will feature information on upcoming events as well as photos of past events. For members of the club it will serve as a place to catch up on postings regarding weekly and at times daily information about the club and its activities. For non-members it's a good way to better understand what the club has to offer Chicago area MINI owners.

    It's designed and laid out in weblog format for easy updating by anyone on the CMMC board. This will allow us to get information out to club members in a timely fashion and increase communication between members.


    Random Thoughts on MINI Loaners and the CVT

    MotoringFile Sections: MF Feature Aug 28th, 2003 14 Comments

    As many of you know MINI service loaners are a rarity at most dealerships and getting them even at dealers who provide them can be difficult. My local dealer has “one or two” avalaible but in a year and a half I had never gotten one… until now.

    I recently dropped off my MINI at the dealer with a loose seam on my leatherette sport seats. Once the issue was determined to be a warranty situation I was told it'll be 2 days and given an Enterprise car. After the wrong part was delivered (due to mislabelling at the warehouse) I was informed that I wouldn't be getting my car back until the Tuesday after labor day. At that point I immediately realized that a stripped down Toyota Echo rental wouldn't sufice for 4 more days.

    The Echo was almost as tall as a small SUV but just barely larger longer than a MINI – making for one of the most ungainly looking cars I had ever sen. It had body roll that would have made a Buick owner envious and was as sluggish as MINI on three cylinders might be. Worst of all it felt as if it was built with one tenth the metal and structural intregraty that the MINI has. Needless to say it had to go.

    After a quick call from the dealer's parts manager (who I know well) I was able to procure the dealership's only demo/loaner MINI for the weekend.

    So enter a fairly stripped down Yellow and Black Cooper. It was optioned with 16″ Wheel/Runflats, DSC, chrome line, and the CVT. Of course I looked at this experience as an opportunity to compare various options and packages to what I had on my Cooper. While I didn't actually have the opportunity to spec our car it did come as loaded as was available in April of 2002. It's a Indie/White with Sport, Premium packges, heated seats, Xenons, 17″ S-lites, Chrome Line, Euro Parcel shelf, MINI FINI Cup Holder, Remus Exhaust, etc etc etc.

    Upon first entering the cabin of the loaner I was greeted with many less buttons and no leather steering wheel. I love the idea of the manual heating and cooling controls but they seem a bit less well-executed in comparison to any 3 series from the past 15 years. The steering wheel texture really will take some getting used to as well. I never would have thought I had to have a leather steering wheel but man I really miss it already. Well maybe I don't need one but I really like the feel :)

    While I love my Xenons I imagine the lack of them won't be a big deal until I get out of the city this weekend. As it stands I barely noticed the difference once I started driving.

    The CVT is the biggest change I had to deal with overall. I had driven a CVT before and had come away from the experience determined that it just wasn't the right option for me. I think a lot of that experience and my current opinions has to do with the lack of a software upgrade on both CVT MINIs I've driven. I'm absolutely shocked at how much of a stumble there is in this car from a standing start. In the 90 dgree + heat of a Chicago afternoon it's almost embaressing when pulling away from a light. MINIUSA this is a real issue!

    The other huge difference between this car and my own Cooper is the absense of the full length sunroof. You really can't overestimate the difference this makes in the overall feel of the cabin. Of course it's something that you wouldn't miss if you didn't live with it daily. The problem is I live with it daily and I certainly miss it :)

    So all this comparing got me thinking about all the personal desicions that go into specing a new MINI. The difference between ordering a MINI and ordering, lets say, a Ford Focus is that the MINI is typically a much greater expression of your own personality. Thus it makes the process almost a series of very personal choices.

    So it seems that there really is no bad spec when it comes to a MINI – only what you are used to and how it works with your lifestyle.

    Kentucky/Indiana MINI Club Interest?

    MotoringFile Sections: Uncategorized Aug 28th, 2003 No Comments

    As sent in by a reader:

    ATTENTION: Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana Mini owners.

    A small group of area Mini owners are trying to organize a local club. Something low key that allows us to organize events to motor to interesting places and share our enthusiasm for Mini’s.

    New Mini’s and classic Mini’s are welcome.

    Contact us at KentuckyMini@yahoogroups.com

    Also I'd like to add that if anyone has any advice for our friends in this region of the US to either post it here or respond via email.

    Autoweek's Take on the JCW MCS

    MotoringFile Sections: Uncategorized Aug 27th, 2003 5 Comments



    Autoweek's editors give us their quick impressions on the JCW MCS in this week's edition. Here's an excerpt:

    MANDEL: “The extra 37 ponies make this car sing, and I found the throttle pickup quick and smooth. I feared we’d see torque steer galore, and that is not the case. Yeah, if the wheel is cocked and you stomp the throttle, you’d better hold on, but in a straight line you can hold the wheel by fingertips and feed in the gas quickly. I was impressed that you can chirp the tires in gears one through three-figured that one out on a highway on-ramp. The great news is that if I hit the lotto, I can identify one great frivolity that will go to my own Mini. But first, the oversized Monte Carlo-style driving lights…”


    p>You can check out the entire article here.

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