Bike Rack Issues

From reader Chris Noble:

I have a Mini problem, and if you have any suggestions about how to best pursue I’d appreciate it.  I have a new MCS with the Mini roof rack, and a bunch of bikes.  I bought 2 of the Thule V2 fork-mount racks – I think they’re the best ones made, but of course they don’t fit the pudgy Mini xbars. Thulehas been promising an adaptor kit for 2+ months; I’ve searched on other Mini sites for user solutions, but nothing quite right yet.  Where would you recommend going to find answers to this kind of question?

I'm at a loss here – anyone want to give it a shot?

  • zamboni_driver

    Hey Chris, I'm searching for the same solution. I saw the Saris rack and thought I found a way. The Saris mounts slide into a cross bar that looks identical to the MINI factory bars. I went to look at one in person and found the Saris cross bar is actually completely oval, the MINI bar has a flat top. Also, the slot in the Saris cross bar is much narrower than that in the MINI cross bar so the bolt head would pull right out of the MINI bar. I am really tempted to buy the Saris rack, find a bolt with a larger head and give it a go though. It would be a very easy mod. My only concern is the Saris rack would only hit the factory cross bar along the leading and trailing edges. Don't know what kind of cracking, etc. might result long term.

  • Chris

    OK, progress (some). Thule finally came through with some part numbers, although these have not yet been “officially” approved by BMW yet, so they're not available to order – yet: 82720604660 – front mount adapt 82720304622 – rear mount adapt 82720304621 – misc screws/bolts If these ever do become available, it's a great roof rack solution – no more $$ than the Mini upright bike holder, and a much better rack (more solid, lockable, etc.).