MINI Cooper Online is Down (updated)

Update: I just talked to Mark and it looks like he'll be posting a statement later tonight about what has happened. For all those who had thought there could possibly be something sinister involved it was actually nothing more than a hardware failure.

Yes MCO is down. It appears to be a Database issue and nothing serious. This however has also crippled many club sites that are tied to MCO including the Chicago MINI Motoring Club site. That being said I expect it'll eveything backup within the day.

In the meantime if you need a MINI fix and have read all the recent stories on check out the archives 🙂

  • ARRRRRGGGGHHH!! (getting the shakes) Withdrawl hurts…

  • Amy

    I need a hit! Who's got a hit?!?!? (shakes) Gotta find one!!!!!


    Wow this sucks… I am bored outta my mind. Guess Ill go motor for a bit…

  • CMMC is up for me. Do you just mean that the forum is down?

  • Frank

    There is always…………..;)

  • The CMMC site just went up. it was down since lastnight.

  • Chi-town COOP

    I have been waiting all day for you to post something, Gabe. What the hell are we supposed to do while we're at work?

    Oh yeah……….work.

  • Sorry but as usual I've been terribly busy today at work. However I've got something ready to go as soon as I get a 5-10 minutes to spare. Sorry.


    Still down….sigh.

  • MINIclo

    Oh, this is painful, isn't it? I miss my MCO Clubhouse! Waaaaaaah! Tee hee!


  • Maxwell (Chitown COOP)

    So…how about that Stumble?

    😀 😀 😀



  • Of course MCO goes down when I'm super busy at work and can't post anything. Okay I'll throw out a stumble story so we can all get our one liners in… give me an hour 🙂

  • Maxwell (Chitown COOP)

    HA! I'm surprised that there aren't more refugees on your site yet, Gabe. I kind of thought that this would be the National MINI Air Raid Shelter.

    “Attention! In case of future MINI emergencies of any sort, gather at !”

  • Mark is now showing a message saying that his server went down. Probably a low blow from BMW Legal.

    At any rate, there's more good information here at Bridger than at MCO.


  • It was simply a hard drive failure – nothing involving the legal situation in anyway.

  • might get more traffic today….

  • MINIclo

    Gabe, any word on how the MCO re-boot is going? I'm getting…pardon the term…antsy! Tee hee!!



  • Mark told me that the files he needs to restore everything are too large to email to him and he can't access it otherwise until he gets back from Kansas. So it could be another day until it's up.

  • Charles

    Gabe Did you delete my post? Charles

  • Charles – No I don't believe I deleted it. If I did somehow it certainly wasn't on purpose. Please repost if you don't mind.