iPod and the Multi-Function Steering Wheel Finally Connected




So you've got an iPod and the AUX port but now want to control the iPod with your Multi-function steering wheel. It looks like the audio company Dension has been working on this issue and has a solution. Reader Brian Moore has all the details:

As a follow-up to my earlier rumors from MINI USA accessory-development reps, Dension has just released news of an ICE-link control unit that will allow iPods to interface directly with MINI Boost and Wave decks (among others) and, best of all, to be controlled by the MFSW. Here's the official blurb from Dension:

“This version of ICE-Link is compatible with the Wave and Boost head units used in the BMW Mini. Dension ICE-Link for iPod is the ultimate car kit for your Apple mp3 player.

Compatible with both classic and 3rd generation iPods, ICE-Link for iPod routes iPod audio through the CD changer port and translates head unit key presses into remote control commands for the iPod giving access to FF/RW as if the iPod was an integrated component of your car hifi. First deliveries are scheduled for w/c 20 October. The ICE-Link for iPod interface is priced at £79.99 with an optional damage-free cradle mounting system (3rd generation iPods only) available for an additional £29.99.”

Exciting news! My '04 MCS and the new ICE-link should be arriving at about the same time: just got news that it's booked on the next ship to the US!!

Some more details on the forthcoming Dension ICE-Link gleaned from Lee Harris at ihavetohaveit.com. US distributors are currently being established, and should have inventory by early November with an estimated suggested retail price of $149 US (excluding applicable sales tax) for the interface and cradle. Dension is presently using the Brodit iPod cradle, but are working with Apple to (possibly) make the ICE-Link compatible with the Apple iPod dock. In addition to interfacing with the Boost/Wave factory decks (and many other aftermarket decks), the connector also provides AC power to the iPod. The MINI USA accessory development rep, Kevin, intonated to me that this unit would eventually become a dealer-installed option, although he could not specify a roll-out date.

Great news Brian!