This info comes from a long time reader of the site:

“I spoke w/ someone at BMWNA today regarding the stumble in the MCS.  He told me that the fix they are loading on cars now may, or may not, become software version 36.  He also said whatever software version 36 is, it may be out in a couple of weeks or maybe not until near the end of the year. 

Regarding the yo-yo, he said that the current fix is purely intended for the stumble, it was not intended to address the yo-yo.  He said that neither he nor several of the test engineers have ever been able to reproduce the yo-yo.  In other words, there is no fix in the works.   This being said, he commented that some owners have sworn to him that the yo-yo went away when they had this stumble fix loaded.  Who knows, maybe they are linked.  There are so many variables being fed into the software it's hard to tell what effects what (my thoughts, not his).

He explained that the stumble snuck up on them this year.  They did not experience it last year, and it was definitely more evident in the hot states.  MINI sent engineers to the SW and Fla. to come up with this fix.  Interestingly, he commented that they really didn't know about the problem until they began reading more and more about it on the various MINI forums!!  The fault was not initially brought to their attention through the dealer networks, but rather through these forums.  I actually see this as a down side to the forums.  It seems that a lot of folks checked the forums and said, “hmmm, there's not a fix I'll just wait until there is”.  I did this at first but then realized, this doesn't get the info back to MINI.  I urge everyone as much as possible to let your dealer know!  People still post daily that they went to see their dealer and their dealer had never heard anything about the stumble.”


Certainly interesting news, thanks. Lets hope this is indeed the fix that everyone has been waiting for.