MINI to Announce Special Edition at Chicago Auto Show

Update: I just got some further info from sources; the special addition MINI is real and will indeed be premiered at the Chicago Auto show on Feb. 4th. Further BMWNA president Tom Purvis and Rally legend Paddy Hopkirk will be on hand to help unvield the car. MINI is still being tight lipped on what exactly is special about the car however.

Acccording to the press schedule for the Chicago Auto Show MINI has scheduled a press preview for an announcement at 3:30 in the afternoon on Wednesday February 4th. Here's the text that was in the latest auto show update delivered to the press:

…Then on to a limited edition MINI, recapturing and honoring a series of victories that helped make the marque legendary.

Naturally will be at the press event and the auto show early and often bringing you any news that may unfold. The show is open to the public February 7-15.