Two-Toned R90 Wheels

Update: These wheels will be featured on the Cooper S MC40 – the Special Edition Monte Carlo MCS.



Apparently something that slipped through the radar screen of quite a few Detroit Auto Show attendants were the two-toned R90 wheels on one of the MINI display cars. Seen clearly in the photo above, the wheels have what could be called a light anthracite finish to the center piece while leaving the outer band finished in polished aluminum. Based on how MINIUSA seems to stagger the release of new accessories it would seem that this may be a new option for the MINI that simply hasn't made it to the parts counter or brochure yet.

A big thanks to Ryan for the pic!

  • Josh

    What size are those?

  • 17″s

  • MJG

    Those are nice looking wheels, I wish they had those when I ordered my 04 MCS.

  • wish they didn't weigh a ton 🙂

  • Stability Stability Stability Stability 🙂

  • jammy jammy….. 🙂 I like them !

  • All I've got are single-tone wheel-and-tire combinations, courtesy of the lovely winter weather.

  • Jason

    Yeah, 2 toned for 2 minutes of driving. The rest of the time it'll be the lovely color of break dust. 😉

  • It's nice to see that MINI is expanding their options within their brand.

  • I like that look! But my 14lb 17's are going back on come summer.

  • Mike Brinson

    Did anybody notice the yellow cad plated wheel bolts? Mine are black. Very nice looking wheel. MB

  • michael Boice

    I thought these two piece, forged wheels were supposed to be light, ligth, light??? I'l be finalizing my order for an 05 JCW this week. Any info about the weight of these wheels? If the other 17's are lighter I'll save come money…



  • michael Boice

    Well, I placed my order for an 05 S-Works and asked about the anthracite R90 wheels. I purchased my car from Westchester Mini in New York and was told that the anthracite wheels are not available for garden variety Mini Cooper, S or S-Works.

    Stay tuned for the weight for both the 17″ Mini-lite design and the R90

  • michael Boice

    R90 = 24.1 lbs 17″ Mini-lite = 25.1 lbs

    According to ask-mini usa

  • RIKY

    JU ust orderd my new cooper s cabrio with the r90 wheels. I saw them on a cooper at my dealers showroom and they look even beter in reality then on the pics.

  • farina

    WHo makes these wheels for BMw. They are lighter thn the factory wheels for the regular mini. (i’ve felt them) and they are strong as hell and weather proof. I have a MC40. These are a two piece wheels I’m looking for new outers.