The 2005 MINI Revealed

This is an overview of what changes we'll see on the 2005 MINI. For US specific information see this article: MINIUSA Announces 2005 Spec.

Since we seem to be getting details weekly and at times daily on the upcoming changes to the '05 model year MINI I thought I'd post something that I could keep updated as more information becomes available.

As is widely know the MINI will be getting a freshening for the 2005 model year. This freshening will encompass a number of things:

    mc cabrio

  • A convertible offered in One (not available in the US), Cooper, and Cooper S form. Available in the US for test drive in mid-August. Some cars will be delivered to customers then but the official on-sale days in the US is September 1. The top is designed to incorporate a “sunroof” feature. The first 16 inches of the soft top slides open and closed along the top rails just like a sunroof and can be operated at speeds of up to 75 miles-per-hour (first shown in Autoexpress and MotoringFile almost a full one and half years before it's introduction). For info on the convertible see this article:Cabrio In Depth. For tons of pics and info do a search for Cabrio in the top right of this site.
  • New colors: Cool Blue, Hot Orange (both Cabrio only), Black Eye Purple (called Purple Haze in the US), Astro Black (deep blueish black) and Hyper Blue (initially only on the MCS). Electric Blue will now be available across the range. Indie Blue goes away.
  • New map lights, door opener lamps and exit/entry lamps under the door casings (first seen with the intro of the convertible
  • New Octogon Cloth, Dragon Cloth, and Octogon Cloth/Leather seating
  • Standard One and Cooper seats now with larger side bolster.


  • Rod antenna standard – carries both satellite, telephone and radio functions. This means that there is no more shark fin.
  • Larger interior rear mirror. (as discussed previously)
  • Optional Anthracite Headliner (dark grey)
  • New storage areas under the toggles and e-brake. (as discussed previously)
  • Clock moves from the headliner just next to the mileage read-out.
  • Larger rear cupholder. (as discussed previously)
  • Extra sun visor integrated into the drivers side. (as discussed previously)
  • The interior in both cars will see some tweaking in several areas. First off the dash moves from a 5 piece unit to a three piece one. Secondly there will be a gauge package offered that moves to the location of the current speedo (the speedo moves next to the tach). This will only be an option and doesn't signal any sort of permenant move for the speedometer. The clock will be moving to the center speedo and the in it's place will be revised interior lighting. Finally there will be an optional chrome package – higher quality than the current aftermarket sets out there. See this thread for more details: 2005 Interior Revealed
  • In-dash CD player with MP3 CD playback. (rumored for last year – finally see light of day in 2005)
  • Powerfold side mirrors – available in Japan for 2004 finally make their way elsewhere. (not for the US however)
  • Headlights will be redesigned as well for 2005. The biggest change will be the switch from standard to projector beam lighting for the optional xenon lights. From this picture we can cleary see the change in the MINI's unmistakable face with this addition.
  • The Cooper will come standard with a Getrag 5-speed replacing the previous Midlands Unit. You can read more here: Getrag for the 2005 Cooper
  • A new key will be introduced with the Cabrio and then make it's way to the rest of the line-up for the 2005 model year. The new design will feature three buttons and will function similar to the current BMW 3 series key. You see a photo and read more here.
  • Interior color trim (matching the exterior of the car but only available for four colors – different from the MCS to the MC)
  • New wheels for the Cabrio, two new wheels or the entire MINI range, and a new version of the R90. The new variation of the R90 will be standard on the MC40 and available as an option from August forward. The 18″ JCW wheels will finally be available in the US starting in March of 2004. To see the new set of cabrio wheels along with the other two optional choices check out this article from past November: Three New Wheels for 2005
  • Cooper S now with a revised supercharger, revised exhaust system, and new ECU – 170hp and 162 lb-ft of torque. Top speed is increased to 138mph and 0-60 times should improve slightly as well. The MCS also has shorter gearing in 3rd, 4th and 5th gears for quicker acceleration. (as discussed previously)
  • One and Cooper now with a Getrag 5-speed with shorter gearing for quicker accelerations. The Cooper will also have a slight increase of torque as well.(as discussed previously)
  • The 2005 Cooper Facelift (as shown above). The facelift entails both front and rear light redesigns as well as a complete reworking of the chrome line trim – removing the chrome from the front bumper and replacing it a smaller chrome strip that runs across the lower air intake. Further, and possibly in an effort to match the current level of chrome, the designers have chosen to outline the front foglights in chrome as well. Also upfront we see the secondary lights are now more flush with the bumper and appear to be slightly larger than before. The lower black piece on the bumper now has a bit of contour to it where there was none before (actually reminding me of the upcoming 2005 M5). It, along with the shape of the lower grille, seems to lend itself to a more aggressive look. Look for these changes to be introduced early fall of 2004. For plenty of pics check out our Cabrio gallery.

    Around back we see more design changes. First off the rear fogs move to where the reverse light had been previously. Further the light clusters are cleaned up a bit design wise and the yellow turn indicator lights have been reduced probably in an effort to follow current automotive fashion trends.

    Interestingly the rear retains the small bumps on the back which will continue to be part of the chrome line trim option on the MC. The lower black portion seems to borrow some design cues from the current crop of BMW M cars (as does the lower front spoiler mentioned previously). To see all these changes check out the the cabrio gallery: here
  • The 2005 MINI Cooper S facelift. The MCS will see a much more subtle reworking for 2005. The main changes we'll see are to be both the front and rear lights which will be the same as what currently seen on the Cooper Cabrio and the revised grille as seen on the Cooper.
  • Also look for a tweaking of the interior design below the toggle switches with the addition of some much needed storage space as well as a true center console below the ebrake. You can see them both clearly here and here.
  • New accessories! …you can find out more about new accessories that are coming this spring and summer from MINI here.
  • We'll also see a full line of JCW accessories later in 2004.

  • A lot of good 'spywork' ! 🙂 I think a lot of these changes are looking good. The only yhing i thinks is that not Indy Blue is going out but Electric Blue.

  • njpaguy

    I recently purchased Lapis Blue “City” mats for my new US-Spec 04 MCS (From Nick Roddam, Parts Mgr, MINI Richmond, BC – he welcomes more orders from the US!). He included a copy of the most recent Accessories Catalog from MINI/Canada. Body-colored dashboards are prominently featured as a factory option for 04. That should answer some debate surrounding the orange dashboard in the 05 Orange Cabrio shots previously posted.

  • vin

    Body color dashboards?? Hmmm. I'm intrigued.

  • Neglected to mention that again in this article. You can see them here.

  • Chris Stabile

    Aren't the bumps you refer to on the rear bumper for park distance control? If you don't get that option will they still be there?

  • Alex

    Whoa whoa whoa- are they really getting rid of indi blue?! I thought that was a joke. Isn't that one of the top 2 or 3 colors? How could they get rid of it?!

  • Will there be a new aero kit available because of the new design?

  • Chris you can see the new rear design in this photo: 2005 MC Rear (which is also linked to in the article above.

    To answer your question no I'm referring to the new bumper design and not the rear parking distance sensors which will still be available with the new design (as shown in the linked photo).

  • Alex – yes from what I hear 2004 most likely be Indie Blue's last year. But don't worry – there will be another blue that replaces it that will be fairly similar.

  • Nick – I can't imagine why the aero kit would not still be available.

    It's also important to note that the front and ear changes mainly just effect the Cooper and not the Cooper S.

  • Robert

    Gabe, if there is an option to move the speedo next to the tach, as it does when you purchase the GPS, do you know what will occupy the place of the speedo?


  • Crystal Neagle

    Email Crystal Neagle if you want to order the new MINI Cooper S M-C40 Looking forward to working with you.

  • Frank

    Hi Crystal! Nice to see you around here!

  • Okay… so when will the '05s go into production? I'm going to sell my '02 Cooper and get an '05 MCS. Does anyone have any idea of the time frame?

    BTW… Gabe, your site is the bomb!!

  • Frank

    Holly, 2005 production will begin September 1st, 2004. You should be able however to place your order a few months before that.

  • Thanks! We may see the '05 in production early – around mid/late summer with cars being delivered august/september time frame. That's not verified but based on all the info I've seen that what I would guess.

  • Peter

    Do any of you know anything about the new size engines they are testing? Thanks.

  • Jason

    I just put an 05 MINI on order, now that the Indi Blue is gone, I am looking for any pic of the new “Hyper Blue” color. Any info will help. Thanks

  • Tweeksy

    I presume that the new engines will not be available in the '05 mini? i.e. we will not see them this year?

  • They'll be available on the Cooper, at the earliest, in late 2005 as a 2006 model. The next MCS should debut a year later.

    That time table has always seemed pretty early but that's what I've been told time and time again by sources.

  • paul dowds

    can anyone give me a definite date for the 05 mini? I want to place an order, but don't want to get the “old” model! Thanks.

  • KEV

    Hi everyone, great site. I'm from th UK,run a 03 cooper, and have just ordered an 05 mcs with jcs works 18″ rims and instrunent pack with chrome. I can confirm new gear box, still six speed (hurahh!), but closer ratios in 3rd, fourth & fifth, hope this helps.

  • Oscar

    Hey just wondering how much hp can you get out of a worked mini S motor?

  • Those headlights are super silly. The MINI is not a Flash Gordon spaceship.

  • Rebecca Stott

    I've just ordered a Mini in Black eye purple, which I was told by my dealer is closest to old Indi blue. A bit worried as haven't seen any pics of it – am hoping its more blue than purple!. Can anyone help me find a pic?

  • We just posted a story yesterday with pics:

  • Richard

    I local salesman (Baltimore, MD) told me that the 2005s were going to have a French-built engine in them. Has anybody heard anything about this? Thanks.

  • Rick

    Hey to all, just ordered an 05' MCS w/ cold sport and premium packs. And my dealer can't find an option for the three spoke wheel(he thinks its standard) or for the anthricite headliner. Thoughts anyone?

  • minigolf

    My 2004 MCS is due for delivery in about 10 days, and I can't wait, but gee I'd like some of these 2005 changes.


  • Mike

    The 05 will still have the engine that was a joint venture between Chrysler and BMW. The french built engine which will be done by Peugot I believe is a few years off Mike

  • Mike – you can find a good half dozen articles about the next gen engine by search for the term “prince”.

  • Here's a link to the search.

  • When can the Hot Orange paint be purchased if one wanted to use it on a classic Mini? When will the paint shops get the formula?

  • Dawn

    I just ordered a 2005 MCS with leatherette. Still some days to change my mind. Would love some feedback from owners with the leatherette.

  • Pepe

    Hey does anyone have any clue about when does the new mcs 05 will be available for sell in Mexico? or in the USA?

  • Herman

    Just got news that i can pick up my new MCS here in The Netherlands…and yep! itz the 2005 version…one problem now…will have to wait for the JCW05 to arrive in september 🙁 Oh well…Still think i can have enough fun with it till then…am off for a spin…:-) Laters all!

  • Herman

    In addition to my previous: Just got mail from JCW: Thank you for your email #

    The conversion becomes available on the 23 .september

    Best regards


  • kody Harris

    dude yo car is tight

  • Mary

    We just test drove the MC convertable today and would love it in the peral white. Does anyone have any info. on future color offerings for the convertable? thanks

  • Kiran

    Does anyone know if the aero kit will make much difference in looks to the new MCS Cabro.


  • hello sir, i am junaid from pakistan sir i need mini cooper automobile fram diagaram i need 2 change my cooper i have old modle u know the Mr.been car modle but i want to change in new modle so plzz send me the image scaler that give me help for changing my car shape thanx

    Regards, junaid

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