Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Awarded to MINI_motion Products

From MINI Press:

Four items in the MINI_motion product line received the 2003 Good Design Award, an industrial and graphic design competition sponsored by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.

MINI_motion, a signature collection of products introduced in 2003 by BMW Group, and designed by fuseproject, received the 2003 Good Design awards for the MINI_motion watch; MINI_motion carpack; MINI_motion 2part shoe, and MINI_motion environment.

“Its great that the design community has recognized these products. We feel that they capture the spontaneity for adventure and appreciation for design that is associated with the brand,” says Rinat Aruh, Lifestyle Development Manager for MINI USA. “This was a unique collaboration where we developed a collection reaching even non-MINI owners, retailing in new distribution channels, embracing energy of the MINI.”

Defining the concept of 'connected urban travel,' the MINI_motion line features products that connect life inside and outside of the car. The line of apparel and products integrate the simple, everyday needs associated with the connection between the user and different modes of transport-whether it's behind the wheel, on foot, on the subway or in the air. MINI_motion is inspired by people, life observation, design and attitude, and draws plenty of inspiration from the energy and heritage of the MINI brand.

The MINI_motion award-winning products:

* Product line: MINI_motion * Company: BMW Group * Designers: fuseproject

* MINI_motion 2 part Shoe – Manufactured by PUMA, this premium street shoe also functions as a performance driving shoe. The MINI_motion 2 part shoe has features similar to those found in a Formula 1 racing shoe. The low-profile outsole resembles the natural shape of the foot, helping to ensure optimal movement while switching from accelerator to brake. The interior bootie has an outsole for improved traction that utilizes a screened rubber pattern identical to the main shoe's outsole.

* MINI_motion carpack – Manufactured by Samsonite, this product attaches securely to a car's passenger seat belt to lock the bag and its contents into the seat while driving. The design solves the everyday problem of articles being displaced, or spilling out, on sudden braking or acceleration. It allows for easy reach to CDs and other items, and it can also be used as a messenger bag. The MINI_motion carpack also features an integrated neoprene laptop pouch, allowing for easy access and support to a laptop computer.

* MINI_motion watch – The watch takes its proportions from the classic MINI design cues as seen on the MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S. The unusual soft wristband is strengthened by a steel spring core that keeps the watch securely on your wrist without a traditional fastener. Featuring a water resistant metal case, the watch also integrates an innovative LCD display can be switched from a vertical to a horizontal views, optimal for driving.

* MINI_motion environment – This design addresses the concept of connected urban travel. The canopy, which attaches to the rear of the vehicle, allows for the creation of unique spaces and environments. Whether it's an environment to sell goods, create a vegetable stand or simply temporary shelter, the canopy allows the car to become versatile and adaptable to individual needs and lifestyles.