More MCS Cabrio Info

To answer the question posed below… yes the MCS Cabrio will feature the newly redesigned Xenon lights for the 2005 model year (seen clearly in the just released photo above). Whether or not there will be further front and rear facia changes remains to be seen but word has it that they will be very subtle. One thing we know for sure, any such changes seen on the cabrio will also be seen on the 2005 MCS hardtop.

Also seen (mildly camouflaged) in the above photo is BMW's new 1 series in 5 door hatchback form. To my knowledge this is the first time both the new 1 series and the MINI have been photographed together. It provides an good size comparison between the two.

  • GJR

    As far as the 1 Series goes, can anyone say Mazda 3? 🙁

    I guess I'll hold judgement until I see it in the flesh.

  • Brian

    I think the MCS cabrio would be a lot of fun. If I lived in a less heinous climate (where i could actually make use of a drop top for more than two weeks per year), I might actually be tempted…or if MINI saw fit to offer a removable hard top, similar to the otpion available to Miata owners.

  • Here are some better pictures of it:

    I personally love it and can't wait to get behind the wheel. I just wish they would bring the wagon and the 5 door hatch over to the US. As it stands now they are only brining the 2/4 door equipped with inline sixes over.

  • WoW! That 1 series is beautiful! So they're bringing the 1 series to the US in a 2 dr and 4 dr? It'd be a lot cooler if they offered it in a more fuel efficient 4 cylinder.

    Oh, and the MCS Cabrio looks great too – especially the color. 😀

    Wish I had something more meaningful to add to this…

  • Elmor Fudwell

    Great photos… Wonder about the lenth of the 1. From the photos, and as only a comparison, it appears to be about the size of a (blasphemous, so don't hold it against me) Toyota Matrix/Pontiac Vibe. Hope I didn't poke anyones eye out on that, sorry.

    How are they positioning it? With a little tempting, I might trade up, or is that what they had in mind?

  • vin

    I had a hard time debating between an '04 MCS or waiting several months for the 1-series. I'm glad I went ahead and pulled the trigger. The 1-series in hatchback form reminds me of the Mazda3 and Pontiac Vibe/Toyota Matrix. That being said, the Bangle Bimmers tend to look better in person than in pictures.

    Can't wait to drive the M1 Coupe (or M2 Coupe as it will probably be called.)

  • Josh

    Here is a much better picture of the 1 Series 5-Door.,,1369-1372_1490452,00.html

    I really like it and expect for a true 2-seat roadster it might be the only rear drive car in its price range.

    Will the 2-door hatchbacks and coupes be called 2 series instead of 1 series? And when will it be avalible on this side of the pond?

  • I didn't link to that one due to the mismatched rear wheel making the rear look somewhat awkward. However it is the best look at the front end around.

    BMW has mentioned several times how it wanted to keep BMW hatchbacks out of the US and only give us 2 and 4 door sedans. Of course those “in the know” understand the inherent benefits of such configurations.

  • Josh

    Agreed, people just dont get it. They drive giant bohemith SUV's when they could get almost the same versitility in a fun to drive hatch or wagon and get twice the mileage.

  • Matt

    i'm liking what i see in the 1. and it's gonna be a 6 w/ rwd? next car maybe?

  • R

    I hope the pics in your better pics is the style it's going to be. Got that whole Z4 thing going on.

    I see very little resemblance to the pic of the car behind the MCS Cab.

    Not sure I get the size of the headlights?………..R

  • The headlights are heavily camoflaged in the photo above.

    And for my money I hope it looks a bit like the Z4.