The MCS Cabrio… Is Coming

For all you out there worrying and wondering about the MCS Cabrio – don't. It's on it's way and will be released shortly after the Cooper Cabrio. To quell some fears here's a photo that was just passed along to me:

Hi Gabe,

First I saw a new BMW 5 Station wagon, rear lights partly covered with plastic tape. A couple of hundred meters in front of it there was the mini. The car was silver with black canvas.

Sorry for the quality of the foto. I shot it through the dirty window and the mini was very dirty, too.

Best regards from Austria

Judging from the fact that they have the front covered I would assume there will be some slight design changes to the MCS for the Cabrio and 2005 in general. Granted they could be as simple as new headlights and taillights.

  • Yes i was wondering WHEN ???? And now, I'm happy !! …can't wait :))