The MINI Cabrio Luggage



This June MINI will be releasing another set of luggage, this time designed for the Cabrio. We've obtained some photos which do both a good job of showing off the newly designed luggage as well as the newly designed Cabrio. I would expect that the set was designed with the help of Mandarina Duck and will retail somewhere probably around $500.

Check it out: Cabrio Luggage Gallery

  • R

    Never noticed how limited your view is thru the rear window when the top is up. Not to my taste. It seems the cab would have a lot of blind spots. Maybe they should include one of the cameras like some motohomes have.

    Nice Luggage though…..R

  • R

    PS……..all that chrome is also too Eldorado-ish, for me…..R

  • Jason

    I've come around to the cabrio. Chrome and all. I think the roof line is much improved over the first spy photos we saw. Still a little upset about that antenna.

    Anyway, my question: Is there a set of luggage for when the boot is in “summer mode” ?

  • chris

    Wow, does anybody know, if this luggage is made by “Mandarina Duck”?

    This is an italian company, that doesn't sell stuff in the U.S. AFAIK. In Europe though, it's huge…

    If you have a look in the current issue of “MINI International” > Shanghai, the ad of MD makes totally sense, as well as the PUMA ad…

    very nice, but having the MD prizes in mind, this new luggage will be very expensive 🙁

  • chris
  • Ryephile

    oh goodness – does it really have to be all Orange?!

  • you have a problem with orange? 🙂

    Actually it also comes in dark brown which is what I'd personally go for (despite my well known love for all things orange).

  • Vanwall

    I was hoping they would make luggage in ALL the body colors, interiors, and combos – that would be cool.

    The orange is…..interesting, but it's got the Great Wall of China syndrome – viewable from the Space Shuttle with the naked eye. Yipes! Speaking of the Enterprise and its kin, I venture to say a set of brightly colored luggage for them would be cheaper. 😉

    I'm holding out for a set in Dark green and Cordova.

         Rob in Dago

  • The parking distance monitor is standard on the cabrios.

    what happened to the convertible being called the open?

  • The idea was rejected last year.

  • BTW a big thanks to Wayne for the heads up about the pics!

  • Thanks very much. And if you want to see more BWM/MINI Press photos, take a look here:

    Ta very much 🙂


  • This is great – thanks again Wayne!

  • Jason

    If anyone's still wondering, yes, Mandarina Duck will manufacture the luggage. There's a press release on in the owners' lounge about it.

  • I was just in Paris and Mandarina Duck has a store in Le Marais. They had an orange MINI Cooper convertible on display with the bags. The store was fully stocked with bags so you should now be able to buy these…

    See all of the various images at .

  • Rudi

    Is there any place in US I can buy them from? tks~