MINI To Dos for Spring/Summer 2004

Here's what's on my plate for the coming season:

MINI Aux lights. I've thought about alternatives but I personally prefer the smaller style of the OEM lights.

Stripes. I've been debating this for two years now – still debating. I think simply white hood stripes are the way I'll go. In fact I may just opt for magnetic and have throw them on for special days.

Real leather shift boot and ebrake boot. The leatherette versions are rather cheap feeling and haven't held up well around the silver shifter ring. Of course this is ironic since my two year old leatherette seats feel great and look like new.

Okay it's a little short this season but after two years of constant performance, interior, and exterior mods I'm sure you can understand why! How about you – what's on your plate this year for your MINI?

  • Not sure if there is anything left for me 😉

  • Lee Johnson

    I completed the first item on my spring MINI to-do list last evening; installing a power outlet in the back of the parcel shelf; just the thing for charging the phone or powering an mp3 player. About the only other things on my list are replacing the speakers and installing a larger rear anti-roll bar. Then she’ll be just about perfect.

  • Kurt
    • New wheels (Falken Torque 5)
    • Roof graphic (custom Philly Eagles)
    • Intake/Exhaust upgrade
    • Rear fogs
  • Les

    Hey Lee, is the power outlet in the back of parcel shelf a feature of the shelf or did you rig it yourself? Can you post a picture of it? Thanks.

  • Kurt – what's the color of your MINI and what's the color of the Eagles logo?

  • Matt

    already done: Mini Madness intake, Glove box orgainzer

  • Matt

    wtf happened to my reply?


    cash flow permitting…

    brakes, standard sized sloted rotors, SS lines, EBC green stuff pads. my stock set-up is pretty beat, starting to squeal and the rotors are pretty grooved.

    tires. 17in Anthracite Team Dynamics wheels shod with Falken rubber. current SP5000 DSST's getting a little low in the tread depth dept.

    big maybe… grey-scale British flag for the roof.

    must have, eventually, ICE link for the iPod, a no-brainer.

  • dw

    The short list: Finish the aero grille install. Aux driving lights and a second set of fogs; perhaps on a light bar, if an appropriate one can be found or fabricated. Light weight 16 inch wheels with sticky tires. The long list: Milltek header LSD

  • New runflats… that, and the snow tires/rims I bought in December is more than enough cash spent on my MINI this year.. heh heh…

  • Well already done- Mini-Fini armrest, rear fog/brakelight mod.

    Planned- Alta Intake, POSSIBLY XM Direct Kit.

  • Lee Johnson

    The power outlet is a very simple add-on. Here’s a link to Smokey4’s post about it:

  • Kurt


    My MINI is IB/B. I'm hoping to get the logo in a grey/silver/black, kinda like the American flag cooperflags sells. I think that would match a lot better than the green/black/white Eagles logo. What do you think?

  • Yeah that sounds pretty cool. Send pics when it's done!!!

  • Randolph Lee

    Oh dear I have never added it all up before… I seem to have gone a bit overboard while I have been waiting… but I expect that has never happened to the rest of you 😀

    Waiting on my table to be installed when I get my MINI next week or on order or in the design stage (Whalen knob): Interior: Glove box and Between the tubes organizers,Whalen Shift machine knob ICE: XM direct, iPod painted BRG to match, (I have ordered the new version iceLink waiting for it to be released next month) Noikia 3650 Bluetooth hands free kit. Body: Union jack mirror covers, Magnetic Bonnet and boot stripes white with red pinstripes, Mini Peabody invisible Bra System with extra coverage on door trailing edges, behind the door handles, petrol cap surround, boot bottom and rear bumper. Safety: Euro First aid kit with mini logo and Euro Warning triangle with MINI mounting kit Cleaning: Mr. Clean Auto Wash system, California car duster Meguiar's NXT Generation Tech Wax, Meguiar's Claybar&detail spray, Wheel Wax, MINI Black trim stuff, Touchup paint and Langka System to use with it.

    on the maybe list this year: Mini Cooler, Green Stuff Brake pads, Floor mats, seat covers in red, Cordova Beige shift boot and hand brake boot and cover, Cordova Beige MFSW(doubtful) Next year: Bembro or JCW brake kit , JC Works Kit, JCW Exhaust or other cool sounding unit, intake kit etc.

    BRG/WT/Wt Wheels all 3 packs, HK and Nav Cordova Beige leather

  • Frank

    I have done so far to my MCS:

    OEM chrome grille OEM chrome mirror caps MINI Aux Input Jack MINI Union Jack roof flag decal. rear boot hatch metal badge with the UJ/Checkerboard flags

    Coming up:

    15GB Apple ipod magnetic white bonnet stripes with John Cooper signature decal X-Pel full front clear bra.

    Gabe, how about a nice perforated vinyl roof graphic for your Cooper?

  • aminicooper

    MINI FINI Bike Rack + Sports Link… if they ever release it 😉

  • regarding the MINI FINI Bike Rack – a very well placed source just informed me that it will be available “fairly soon” at dealerships.

  • Patrick Crowley

    I'm gonna be taking off the bonnet stripes and applying some white flames on the bonnet and sides, along with the flame headlight covers and side turn indicators. I'll be replacing the orange indicator with a jewel styled one I saw the other day. The other day I was under the car and one of the front rims is terribly on the inside, so just maybe I can talk the Mrs. into some shiny new wheels.

  • Michael Pisto

    I have a Indi Blue with White Top MINI. I got the rally lights on when i picked mine up. love the look. also got the bonnet stripes, makes the car look totally unique on the road also i just go boot stripes installed and that really finishes off my MINI.

    also get the clear turn signal indicators. the orange indicators look funny.

    need to get my windows tinted.

    thinking about the new anthracite(spelling?) R90's, when they come out. I love the original R90's but i think the darker wheels would go better with my car.

    just trying to add little things to make it my own.

  • Ron Ruggiero

    Has anyone used or seen the magnetic stripes? How do they compare to the vinyl?