Trip to England

As some of you may know I'm going to be spending some time in the UK over the next week and a half. I'll be coming back with stories on the plant tour, MINI-Rentals, what it's like to drive a MINI in it's home country, and maybe even a personal account of a MINI Cabrio.

During that time my response to email will be slow to non-existent. In fact it might take me a while to respond once I get back as well. Getting 20-40 emails a day will add up quickly! So please be patient with any correspondence.

Matt Gifford will be taking over the day to day reins of MotoringFile so any issues that might pop up will be in his capable hands. In fact as some of you may know Matt is responsible for building the code for the back-end and some of the front end of MotoringFile, so he knows the site as well as anybody. Oh and he's the proud owner of a BRG/Black Cooper.

Along with the normal MINI news during this time we'll also be featuring some commentary by a new contributor Jerry Bradbury as well as longtime contributor Rob Carver. They've got some great pieces so I hope you enjoy the change a pace!

And as always I recommend exploring the archives. There's a wealth of information from the past 14 months that people new and old to the MINI world might find interesting.


  • Steve

    Have a good trip Gabe.. Take lots of pictures.

    I am looking forward to hearing from your “guest host” Matt for the week

  • I will be interested to see if you can use your “motoringfile” leverage to get some pics from inside the factory …

  • Vanwall

    Make sure you drive a One and a Diesel as well.

      Rob in Dago

  • Enjoy!

  • LorenH

    Yes, safe travels to you and do take lots of pics. I have never been there, but hope to visit someday! -Loren

  • Pete G.

    I was in Oxford last November. Unfortunately, they closed the tour program from November through this March (I believe) due to a factory “upgrade” (can you say Cabrio preparation?). I'll try to “live” the tour I missed vicariously through you. Looking forward to your report!

  • Doug Travis

    Can't wait to hear about your plant tour. I will be going thru Plant Oxford on April 23. Any tips you can give me after your visit, I am sure would be helpful.

  • Stuart

    Well, heres an update. Mr & Mrs B arrived in Oxford safe and sound in their MINI rental car, we'd arranged to go for a meal and drive some local roads on Monday evening. There was an unscheduled “incident” which Mr B will enthuse about soon, all I can say is that there is a God,and he worked miracles on Monday evening in a very good way indeed ;-D. rgds to all Stuart

  • He just told me a little about it. Very cool.