Introducing the 170hp 2005 MINI Cooper S Cabrio

…and Cool Blue. The cabrio version of the 2005 MCS has all of the mechanical improvements listed below as well as in this article. The MCS Cabrio will debut at the first at the Madrid Autoshow and then shortly after at the Birmingham Autoshow.

You can check out more pics of the new the Cool Blue 2005 MINI Cooper S Cabrio here: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

  • CountryM

    Looks pretty good to me, although I'd like to see in in Indi Blue.

  • Frank

    Very nice. I am pleased to see that MINI did a good job with the new range of blue paints for '05.

  • Ian

    Regular gas cap on the S Cabrio

  • Frank

    Ian, good catch….

  • I had heard that somewhere but frankly didn't believe it. Interesting.

  • IGoDayGlo

    Hot Damn. Does anyone want to take over the lease on a 2003 Mini Cooper S?

    My only consolation is that that I don't like this car's 17″ wheels as much as the S-lites I have (Those are 17's on the Cabrio, right?)

  • For some reason, it seems to look better as a MCS… or maybe it's just because mine's a MCS….

  • R

    I don't get MINI colour choices. We had Indi Blue & Electric blue which was nice because they were very different. Now there is Hyper and Cool blue. GOOFY! I like both colors but with all wonderful range of colours out there why? Did the designers loose their Pantone books?….. I like the smoother grill…The taillights look cheap to me………R

  • I think that the new cool blue is a nice alternative to all the grey/silver cars out there… It's no Indi Blue, but it's no Solid Gold either…

  • Hi! Does anyone know when the MCS Cabrio is released in the UK? I placed an order for one last week but nobody knows when it will arrive, and now i've seen these official pictures i'm dying to get my hands on it! 🙂

  • I'm guessing it should be late August for the UK – although that's just a guess based on other time tables.

  • Thanks Gabriel! 🙂 Now all i have to do is decide on the colour and find a buyer for my Cooper S…

  • al

    I'm surprised at how much better it looks in these pictures. I wasn't at all crazy about it before.

  • Felipe

    Okay, so the cool blue grows on me. My question is, what's the deal with the gas cap? No more cool chrome gas cap on the MCS?

  • I don't quite understand why Mini would choose to introduce two new colors, so similar to each other.

  • The cabrio looks even better in person.

  • Beautiful. I just can't justify ditching a six-month-old MCS to get the more-expensive and more-expensive-to-insure MCS Cabrio. 🙁

    I guess I'll have to admire them from afar.

  • David Duchene

    how do i go about getting one? There are no dealers in El Paso, TX. How soon can I purchase one?

  • Jeffrey Dodd

    Ordered my cool blue MCS Cabrio today from Knauz to be built in the first week of August; delivered in early September. As it'll be Dad's primary car, I decided to trick it out with all 3 packages. I'll report back once it's in hand.

  • Tai

    i'm having a dilima choosing which colour to get any suggestions? i just checked the mini international site and they have black eye purple (my favouirte colour is purple), then the hyper blue (above which is attractive), and the electric blue(very special and different) which i was planning to get on the 04 MCS

    electic seems girlish hyper blue (only available on the S) and black eye purple! AHHHH~

  • Jeremy

    The Mini looks awesome, but I agree about the gas cap. Hyper Blue is my fav new color, but I miss the Indi Blue. I just got put on a waiting list, 6-8months in the U.S. But I can't wait.

  • Jeremy – if you don't want to wait there are many dealers that only have 2 month waiting periods.

  • Rigger

    I was just in Germany, And Iam getting a Mini S Cabrio in Hyper blue shipped to me. I will Get My Mini In March or late Febuary. I got to test drive one on the auto bonn it was the most Awesome thing at 200km….

  • Phil

    ALTHOUGH NO chrome gas cap I’m to place my order for a cooper s cabrio. After liking the cool blue because of the photos, I saw one around: TERRIFIC It’s a queery violet purplette! Then I thought about red or yellow, but I wasn’t convinced. So I’ll take it dark silver, with stardust no-extra-cost wheels. bye

  • nathen

    i love it so much its not funny and i lyk it coz of da interior,the stock rims,the front and rear lights and the hood and da exhaust in da middle