MINI Announces Reduced Pricing on Sirius


MINIUSA announced a reduction in pricing of SIRIUS Satellite Radio receiver kits at BMW centers and MINI dealers across the country today. New car buyers of the BMW 3 Series and X5, MINI Cooper and Cooper S, will be offered a center-installed SIRIUS receiver kit for a MSRP of $395, plus installation.

“We are committed to providing our loyal owners with added benefits and value at a competitive price,” said Alan Harris, Vice President, Aftersales Marketing and Sales for BMW and MINI. “SIRIUS is a key component of our vehicle accessory strategy for all BMW and MINI models; and by providing this option at a reduced cost, we plan on turning even more BMW and MINI owners into SIRIUS fans.”

This is probably long over due when you look at aftermarket pricing.

  • Lee Langston

    Well, when a company goes to the trouble to produce an addaptor to install XM into your cars, instead of the Sirius that the dealer offers, I guess you have to do something.

    Of course, the XMDirect is still less than the Sirius but this is a step in the right direction. They should also do something about the crazy install prices some dealers charge. I think mine wanted $400.00, pushing the total cost to $900 at the time. I bought the XMDirect for $299 and installed it myself in about 45 minutes. Even if you allowed 2 hours to do it the “right”, dealer way, $400 is way too much.

  • Todd

    Funny, they are lowering the price. That is what the current cost is right now???

    Maybe I just read it wrong, but I guess lowering $5 may give people more of an accentive.

  • Steven Ascher

    XM Direct kit is even cheaper. I paid $167 from Classic Mini.