MINIUSA Sales Up 5.4 Percent for April


The BMW Group (BMW and MINI brands combined) reported an increase of 10.7 percent in April sales for 26,709 vehicles compared to the 24,131 vehicles sold that month in 2003.

Demand for MINI brand automobiles continues as the MINI division heads into its third year of sales in the U.S. April 2004 sales were up 5.4 percent, with 3,290 cars compared to 3,121 sold a year ago. Sales of MINI automobiles in the first four months are up 2.3 percent with sales of 11,561 over the 11,304 in 2003.

  • Updated my sales page and the graph:

  • dc

    Analysis: More dealerships, or more cars & quota per dealership ?

  • John

    I don't know about the rest of the country, but the wait here in Oregon is about 8-10 months for a MCS. Which means orders taken now are for 2005 model year.

  • Wow – it's 8 weeks in Chicago. You may want to consider ordering something out of state.

  • Jason

    As hard as it was waiting 8 months for my MCS to come in at Rasmussen MINI in Portland, it was VERY nice to be able to save $10,000 for the down payment over those 8 months.

  • John

    Luckily I only had to wait 4 months for my '03 MCS in Portland. Could someone explain the discrepancy to me? Couldn't all be just allocation, could it? Or is the MINI that popular here in the Pacific NW?

  • Scott

    I only had a 2 month wait for my '04 MCS from Prestige Mini (Mahwah, NJ) and that was only because of the options I picked. Otherwise, I could have had my pick of the ones on the lot.


    I was told it would be a 12 month wait by Rasmussen in Portland so I bought a used MCS.

  • Iain Gillott

    I ordered my MCS in Txas in February and expect delivery in June – 4 months.

    From talking to different dealers, it seems that each dealer was promised a specific allocation (to justify their investment in show room/facilities/etc). So if the dealer is in a slow market for Minis, they will have inventory or availability. In a hot market, you wait….

  • Matt Armstrong

    Heck, Northwest MINI in Washington wasn't even taking new orders as of a month ago. Their wait list had gotten too long (18 months for an S).

  • Scott

    There are 3 Mini dealers in Northern NJ (Prestige in Mahwah, Princeton in Princeton, and Morristown in, duh, Morristown). That probably has something to do with the short wait for my car. With that many dealers around, it's probably more difficult to get backed up with orders.

    For those of you waiting for a lllooooonnnggg time, order from Prestige. Fly on out when it comes in – and drive home! What better way to break in your new car!

  • Tim in MD

    Ordered mine April 3 from MINI of Towson, had a production number immediately, and was in the paint shop yesterday–completion scheduled for May 6. So allow six weeks for transport, maybe…so 10 weeks from deposit to delivery? Not bad…