Grassroots Motorsports Reviews the JCW S

This news was sent in by DC:

Other than the heavy runflats, the car gets a rave review. Here's an excerpt:

'Although $25,000 for a MINI might be tough to swallow, just try and find a car for that price that could keep up with a Works Cooper S on a twistry road or deliver as much fun to the driver.'

You can find the review in Grassroots Motorsports at newstands now.

Thanks DC!

  • I've been looking for a good MINI Mag in the US . . . Does grassroots have many sections on the MINI?


  • dc

    GRM does have a MINI project car

    GRM had a long feature on autocross in the stock MINI Cooper about two years ago. Usually car mags stuff their cars full the their advertizers' parts, so a detailed article on a stock (not tuner) car was great !

  • Anyone know any other MINI Mags for U.S.? Lookin for somthing like GoMINI from the UK

  • Peter Kennedy

    $25,000? for a Cooper S Works, try $32,000 out here in SoCal.

  • Obviously GRM is talking about a bone stock JCW S (which actually would run closer to 6k). You can of course option that up pretty fast 30+!

  • meanboy

    Aren't all the Minis stock? Did you mean base car?

    At 20,000 plus $6500 it's closer to a $27,000 base. That's slowly approaching Z terrority and a host of others. Not saying I would want one but someone else might take a second look at Z, Evo, or STI in that price range.

  • Most JCW prices with installation I've seen have been closer to 6k with installation making a “base” JCW S close to 26k. If you're paying much more for the same spec I'd shop around.

  • meanboy

    That was the quoted price at EB Mini. I don't think it's going to be any cheaper in these neck of the woods.

  • I have to agree with Gabe and Grassroots Motorsport. I'd test drove the MCSJCW at Hank Arron MINI in Atlanta,GA. and that car was such a rush to drive. Especially since the Dealership is close to I-85. Plus,it's cool to know that it dosesn't look like every vechicle out there.