Purple Haze in the Flesh

For all those wondering what Purple Haze (called Black Eye Purple outside the US) actually looks like in the flesh here are some pictures taken by Goonery and posted on the MINI2 forms of his Oxford Plant test vehicle. Update: the pics were pulled from the forums but we've made them available with permission here: 1 / 2 / 3

From the pictures it looks to be darker than originally thought. Of course these apparently were taken on a grey English day.

  • Frank

    I like it. Seems to be a nice substitute for the outgoing Cosmos Black Metallic.

    Now MINI seems to have several different tones of blue paints. How about red/burgundy? Aside from Chili Red, there is nothing else since the demise of the very nice but very rare Velvet Red Metallic.

  • Seems the link is dead now; looks like Goonerys post has been deleted!?

  • Yeah noticed that. I've got the images so if they are down for good I'll post them here. As long as it's okay with Stuart (Goonery).

  • Eric

    Hi Gabe, Any idea as to when new features and colors will show up on the MINI USA website?

  • No idea but let me do some digging on that.

  • R

    As I stated in an earlier post…”Did they loose their Pantone books”!?!? With all the wonderful colours why have so many blues? Anad blue not that diff. Did PPG go out of business?…R

  • GB

    This is a color that has been bandied about by various color forcasters as something that will be big in the years ahead. Same with Hyper Blue.

  • R

    In my design world color forcasters are worth their weight in lead…R

  • Well many places use them and what we typically see in the world of fashion and design revolves around them. Frankly it's so pervasive in our culture that most people don't realize it.

  • Ivan

    Yikes! Somebody smashed the S-Lites!

  • That's the new R92 16″ Wheel also known as the “7 Fin Spoke”.

  • R

    Gabe, I'm not saying your wrong but in all the design agencies I worked for they never looked at one single list other than in mockery. I remember CA Mag has their color forcasts every year. When I worked for a large design firm in LA I asked my design director what he thought of the forcasts and he suggested the “worth their weight in” comment only instead of lead he suggested something of a lower origin. But that being said to each his own. I think Blue Meanies would have been nicer name than the Hendrix ref…R

  • zebeau

    Thanks for the purple haze in the flesh pictures. I have one on order….because I want purple! The pictures don't really tell me ……does it look remotely purple or just another shade of blue??

  • zebeau – it looks very purple in the flesh on a sunny day.