The Future of the MINI & the iPod

Reading the this months EVO I was struck by their first take of BMW's new 1 series including an actual driving review. However it was a quick mention of something that got me thinking:

“Upfront, there's plenty of storage space and a central console with an iPod input plug for the stereo.”

While this is the first I've read of a feature like this specific to the 1 series (it's not even in the brochure) it has been mentioned for the next generation 3 series. Here's a quote from a recent Autospies scoop regarding the new 3 series:

“Audio system will finally have a CD/MP3 capable playback and an interface connection to iPod-like devices… we're even hearing rumblings out of the Palo Alto Technology office regarding a potential deal in the works with Apple.”

They mention that this is still unconfirmed.

Now how cool would it be to be able to plug in your iPod and have it, powered, controlable and viewable from the headunit?

So does this point to a feature we'll see in the next generation MINI? As the electronics of the current car are based on the current 3 series – we can expect the next generation MINI's system to also be based on the next generation 3 series and current 1 series. Because of that it's a safe bet that any feature seen in the 1 series or the next generation 3 series will show up in the MINI as well.

Granted this is all very speculative and it may simply be a better intregrated AUX input that currently available through the glovebox but the idea of something more directly iPod related is very intriguing.