More on Apple's iPod Interface for BMW

It looks like our recent assumptions about Apple and BMW co-developing an iPod integration device are proving true. Here are some excerpts from an article posted today on AppleInsider:

Apple and BMW have joined forces to codevelop an audio adapter that will soon allow owners of recent BMW models to connect their iPods to their car audio system, sources said.

The device will reportedly allow users to control their iPod or iPod mini through a auxiliary headset unit or cruise-control-like controls mounted on the steering wheel. The device will also allow users to view playlists or song tracks, and charge their iPod.

Sources said to expect further details this month, as Fallon Worldwide, BMW's advertising agency, is currently wrapping up the development of a campaign entitled 'iPod Your BMW.'

In April, Fallon registered, which is now expected to go live sometime later this month.

You can read the entire article here.

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