The 2005 MINI Cupholder

Looks like the MINI-Fini cupholder is on its way out and the new MINI-designed unit that we reported on last April is in for 2005. This news comes from a MINIUSA via a MY05 update:

Begining with MY05 a new accessory cupholder will be fitted to mini vehicles, including the new mini convertible. The cupholder will replace the previous Mini Fini accessory cupholder. It features an improved mounting location, which will not interfere with the “easy entry” seat apparatus or the manual shift lever. Some early MY05 hatches still may be fitted with the Mini Fini cupholder as production ramps up.

There will be two versions of the cupholder: one in silver and one in anthracite. Anthracite will only be installed in cars ordered with ZIA (Anthracite trim).

Note: The new mounting location may interfere with the installation of certain genuine Mini accessories such as the bluetooth telephone kit. Mini after-sales are working on revising the accessories that may be affected by the new cup holder mounting location. Details will follow when they are avaliable.

While it may seem fairly frivolous to those outside the US this is a big deal to many Americans, many who spend hours in their MINIs daily.

You can find out more about this unit in this article we posted back in early April: New MINI Cupholder.

Big thanks to Netoperator.

  • Bob

    Much finer design and the use of rubber to contain the cup is a great impovement from the last holder. ** for design

  • Doh! That's Where My Ipod is mounted. I think Ill keep the iPod as I don't drink and drive.

  • Peter

    Can this thing mount on the left-side downtube and at any height level? Hope it won't be used to hold a vase of flowers… 😀



  • Shep

    Even to some of us in the US it seems fairly frivolous! For serious driving one needs both hands on the wheel. Not to mention spillage problems around fast corners.

  • Rich

    From what I can see, it looks like it can only be attached to the right side using the existing bolts on the side of the down-tube.

  • Rodney

    From the looks of it it looks removable. Hope so. Most of the time probably would just store it in the glove box. I wish they would adobt the tiny hide-a-way cup holder my SAAB 9-5 uses. Very cool device.

  • If the cup holder part is removable, I might actually pick this one up…

  • B. Lewis

    Does this one use a gimble? If not, has anyone seen anything out there that does? This would help avoid the spillage that could occur under hard cornering.

  • RB

    WTF is a “GIMPLE”? …RB

  • Mike

    Anyone have a part number for this thing?

  • i'm sure he meant “gimbal”

    Main Entry: gim·bal
    Function: noun

    : a device that permits a body to incline freely in any direction or suspends it so that it will remain level when its support is tipped — usually used in plural; called also gimbal ring


  • Frank

    My main caveat with the MINIFINI Supplied cupholder in my '04 MCS is that it does interfere with rear seat passenger access (You always have to remind yourself to fold it to its innermost position before moving the front passenger seat up to allow people in the back).

    The new for '05 Cupholder solves this problem by installing it higher on the dashboard downtube but since it is an open design I see cell phones and i-Pods flying out of it on turns, or am I wrong?

    I also wonder if BMW/MINIUSA is somehow seeking to end thier relationship with MINIFINI by replacing thier products with in house developed MINI accesories?

    Otherwise I think it is a generally decent solution but not 100% perfect one

  • RB

    Thanx Merriam, I know what a gimbal is, just having some fun…RB

  • Robert

    This cup holder is fixed to the downtube. This will make it impossible to move. May be a problem for other additions .

  • Dino de Leon

    “Some early MY05 hatches still may be fitted with the Mini Fini cupholder as production ramps up”

    though i am excited about my 05 MCS (just got the notice it's awaiting transport); sucks that getting an early MY05 sacrifices updates. wonder if they will offer to sub out once the new ones are ready.

    can't wait either way

  • JoeDentist

    Lets get some terminology straight – an “accessory” is something you add to a car. Is this a standard item that comes with every car, or an extra cost option? If it comes with every car, it is not an accessory, but a “feature.”

  • Adam

    Part Number please??

  • Adrian Amos

    It's genuinely an “accessory”. It's a $50 option on the MINI configurator. It is not removable (checked that out at the dealership) without removing the two Torx-20 screws that affix the downtube to the dash.

    But, the thing is worth its weight in gold for keeping the downtube from getting a beating. Every time someone gets into my back seat, they slam the seat forward, and there's a little plastic-groaning sound. I wince every time…

  • Murmin

    Removed mine the day I got my 05 MCS….when I drive… I drive… !