Looks like the MINI-Fini cupholder is on its way out and the new MINI-designed unit that we reported on last April is in for 2005. This news comes from a MINIUSA via a MY05 update:

Begining with MY05 a new accessory cupholder will be fitted to mini vehicles, including the new mini convertible. The cupholder will replace the previous Mini Fini accessory cupholder. It features an improved mounting location, which will not interfere with the “easy entry” seat apparatus or the manual shift lever. Some early MY05 hatches still may be fitted with the Mini Fini cupholder as production ramps up.

There will be two versions of the cupholder: one in silver and one in anthracite. Anthracite will only be installed in cars ordered with ZIA (Anthracite trim).

Note: The new mounting location may interfere with the installation of certain genuine Mini accessories such as the bluetooth telephone kit. Mini after-sales are working on revising the accessories that may be affected by the new cup holder mounting location. Details will follow when they are avaliable.

While it may seem fairly frivolous to those outside the US this is a big deal to many Americans, many who spend hours in their MINIs daily.

You can find out more about this unit in this article we posted back in early April: New MINI Cupholder.

Big thanks to Netoperator.