Anthracite Headliner to be Phased Out in US

In a rather bizarre move MINIUSA is now phasing out the new for 2005 anthracite headliner “beginning with September allocation”. The internal memo states that all orders made before September allocation are unaffected.

The memo eludes to cost issues as the reason.

The memo also makes mention of a small ordering change with the V-spoke rims.

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  • Kurt Collins

    I'm curious if it's being phased out for North America or just the US.

  • Aaron Pailthorp

    That stinks, first the two spoke steering wheel, now the new headliner. Rip!

  • dan

    Good thing mine has been ordered w/ that before the cutoff =)

  • Russell

    Here in Canada the only way we could get the Anthracite headliner was to order the Sports Package as well. Now that was a rip!

  • minivt

    This seams really stupid!

    Why does it cost more for an anthracite headliner in the US than it does anywhere else in the world? Secondly, if it is such a cost problem why would they offer the optional headliner at all? I have to agree w/ Aaron, first no more two spoke and now no anthracite headliner. If they determined that options were running the production time/cost up, then why come out with more options for the 2005; only to later “phase them out”

    Just glad I got my order in 4 weeks ago. Makes me wonder what else will “no longer be available in the US”

  • Jimbo

    wow, talk about a new excluvisity factor, for all of us who snuck in under the wire!

  • Kurt Collins

    I'm sure some crafty individual will figure out a way to export them to the US at a price of (in your best Dr. Evil voice) $1 Million dollars!

  • Ryephile

    So that leaves two whole months of US allocated production that has/had potential to have the anthracite headliner. I wonder how many total in the US there will be with this factory option.

    Another stupid mistake by MINI – this was one of the teasing points for me getting interested in an '05MY

    Furthermore, it's not like MINI is saving any money, as they still offer the option to the rest of the world! I wonder what the REAL excuse is?

  • Sebis

    If MINI USA reads this, please note that you guys should get your act together before making options available for 2 months then remove it. I was planning on placing an order for an MCS tomorrow, if the MA won't take the antracite headliner as option I may change my mind about ordering now. I am pissed 🙁

  • Ren

    looks like Canada is keeping the roofliner as is… probably because it looks wicked awesome and the more customizing options available the better. GO MINI CROWFOOT! (the sales reps are wicked there!)(hot too)

  • Chris

    Thank god my new MINI Cooper S Convertible was ordered a while ago with anthracite. Now it is really gonna be a collectors item!!!

  • BB

    If my S was built in July, does that mean I'll still get the 2-spoke steering wheel? And was the headliner included in the sport package then?

  • Yes – you will have a 2005 so you'll have the 3-spoke. The anthracite headliner was a no cost option – not included in the sport pack.

  • BB

    Thank you!

  • Jeff

    What is an Anthracite Roofliner exactly?