Italian Job 2 in the Works?

Several sources seem to confirm that the wheels are in motion on the production of a second Italian Job. No word yet of MINI's involvement in the project. Here's an excerpt from a recent article:

“While the sequel plot is still being fleshed out, St. Tropez, Paris and the Swiss Alps are being eyed as the primary shooting locations.

The nascent stage of the project makes it difficult to handicap which cast members will be back for encores. Most, if not all, made deals that did not include pre-negotiated sequel options; those who return for another heist will be looking for a bigger share of the loot.

  • I hope they concentrate more on MINI chase scenes, there just wasn't enough fun driving in the modern one.

    Better yet why don't they ignore the plot completely and just give us 2 hours of crazy MINI chases and stunts?

    Hey, where's the MINI film?

  • RB

    So someday Italian Job X…What's the point…RB

  • Aniawn

    IJ2 would be a great way to show of the R56 modle MC/S.

  • DanTheMan

    Wouldn't it be IJ3 not 2? 😉

  • Pepe

    I hope they dont use minis for the film, because just in case they do, and they use some freaked out cool mini, and I watch the movie after buying my 05 MCS ( still waiting to know the launching date for Mexico ) then I would hate liking it on the movie on a different color or something! lol.. eager to see it though… and eager for more mini stunts and excitement!

  • I'm all for more MINI chase scenes, and less Marky Mark… 🙂

    I just hope they don't get all 2Fast 2Furious on us… (2Furious? I've always wondered what they were so mad about…)

  • Benjamin

    Why will it be called Italian Job again if the heist is not in Italy anymore?

  • dgszweda1

    I heard that the new movie will feature the new Mini SUV, built on the new global platform. The global platform will be used for the new X3, 3-series, 5-series, 7-series, X5, Z4, and a new tank being marketed by the BMW industrial division for the US military. The armour plating to be used on the new Mini Tank is rumored to be a new option on the 2007 Mini. This is part of BMW's one world, one platform marketing strategy, and will go a long way to saving significant money for BMW.

  • I hope another sequel comes out of it. I thought it was smart,funny,and entertaining. I also understand that all movies don't,won't,and can't be,”Citizen Kane.” With that in mind,since they are looking at ST.Tropez,that'll be a perfect place to showcase the MINI OPEN.

  • allan MICHAEL

    GREAT NEWS! I hope they use all MCS cars w/ JCW! …and have the actors learn how to performance drive, again. …Can't wait for “IJ3”


  • Ryephile shows no sign of an IT2 – so I wouldn't count on this rumor being true. That said, I can only hope IMDB is right – I hate motoring around only to hear people shouting “oh look, the Italian Job, how cute”


  • Carol Deutenberg

    With next Italian Job please check the details closer. The license plate number was not the same on the blue mini throughout the movie. The gold in the armor car was NOT four high as Charlie said it was to Napster after they opened it in the tunnel, it was 3 high. It’s the little details that need attention too. Norton was the bad guy he doesn’t need to be in #2 a new bad guy needs to be written in. Theron was used to help get the gold back her Dad died for she doesn’t need to be in #2 either. A new female and a new bad guy but Wahlberg, Green, Def and Statham need to come back. They were the original crew who stuck together. In IJ3 they need to film here in the states. San Diego has alot to offer ask Stu Seagall Productions.

  • Ken Chen

    It would be a casting coup to include Michael Caine into the cast either as a good guy or even the bad guy, he will do well either way.

  • cmoore

    Anyone have any more info?