Young Motorers, Your New Car is Ready

While this item has been available for some time (even in the US – gasp!) the official US press release and info was just released today via MINIUSA Press:

For kids who are eager to master the art of motoring at an early age, the road beckons with quick corners filled with unexpected adventure. Young motorers can now hop behind the wheel of the new MINI Cooper Convertible Children's Car and chart their own road trips. Available in both a battery-powered and pedal version, the sporty MINI Cooper Children's Convertible lets kids motor around in this single-seater, open-top replica model this summer before adults can buy the real four-seater MINI Convertible, which debuts September 1.

Kids will spread their joy quickly as they zip around the neighborhood and wave to all their friends. Parents will be happy to know that both models are built with a sturdy, dent-resistant plastic design; the chassis is a lacquered steel tube construction.

The MINI Cooper Convertible Children's Car has real rubber wheels to handle lots of adventures or kid-powered rallies. Both models feature rear view mirrors so they can watch motoring fans wave them on. In addition, both models feature an adjustable seat to accommodate their growing bodies.

Electric Motoring or Pedal Power
Kids can pick their motoring pleasure: feet or electric power. The yellow MINI Cooper Convertible electric model is powered by 6V batteries, features gentle acceleration with forward and reverse gears, and can motor along at approximately two and half miles per hour. Both back wheels stop when the brakes are applied. The motor will switch off automatically if sudden pressure is applied hard on the brakes.

The pedal version comes in the distinctive, hot orange and drives effortlessly as it is chain driven and the pedals are adjustable.

The pedal version weighs approximately 17 pounds. The electric version is approximately 25.5 pounds. Both models measure 42 inches long, by 20 wide and 19 inches deep. The MINI Cooper Convertible Children's Car is available at MINI dealerships, by calling 866-647-MINI (6464), or by visiting