Over 3000 Convertibles Delivered Worldwide

First we heard from MINIUSA regarding sales numbers, now lets hear about MINI worldwide. This news comes from MINI PR:

A superb start: Over 3,000 MINI Convertibles already delivered.

Sales of MINI brand vehicles declined in July, as had been planned. This was largely due to the production changeovers at the Oxford plant, which had become necessary as a result both of the market launch of the convertible versions of MINI One and MINI Cooper in July and also the model revision of MINI One, MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S. In addition, availability at the dealerships was limited because sales had exceeded expectations in the first half of the year. For this reason, 4.5% fewer MINIs, or 15,972 units, were delivered to customers in July 2004 than in the same month last year (16,727).

You can compare these numbers to what MINIUSA reported a few days ago.

  • Chris

    My convertible has been on order for 3 weeks now and I am 1st on my dealer's list~! How long does this take!

  • derek

    It takes as long as it takes – My Cooper took 4 weeks from PDC to showroom in Texas…

    They just want to make sure it's perfect.

    Enjoy the suspense!

    (yeah, right)

  • Chris

    Thanks Derek, but the excitement is killing me!

  • robert

    I have my Mini S still showing that it is awaiting transport for over a week now. Im sure it is because MINIUSA has not updated it. I have heard once your MINI is built it takes about 3-4 before your delaer gets it. I have a feeling it may take a little longer with all the changes going on..:(…sure wish I had mine…want it sooo bad!! (my very first Mini!)

  • GSKChicago

    My MCS was built on July 23rd. Today is August 10th and according to my MA, today is the ETA for my MINI to arrive at the port in NJ. He said it is also plus or minus 2 days for the actual arrival date. That said, he then mentioned there is maybe 1 to 3 days through customs, etc and then 2 to 3 days for it to travel by truck to Chicago where I am (dealer is in the 'burbs though). So likely the week of the 16th for delivery (that's next week!). :o) So 3 to 4 weeks “robert” is probably pretty dead on from my own experience thus far. I ordered my MCS on June 14th if that helps anyone also. Oh, finally, my MA also said that the wait for a new MCS (I think it was just MCS, can't recall if he said MINI's in general or not), was 14 weeks now. When I ordered mine in June, it was 8 to 10 weeks.

  • john

    Does this mean the standard cooper hardtop will be harder to get in the US in 2005?

    If the oxford plant made 3000 Convertibles a big portion of that number had to be taken out the Cooper hardtop sales, right?

    Is MiniUsa going to bring fewer of its least profitable model (cooper hardtop) to make room for it most profitable model (Cooper convertible)?

  • Deborah

    Is it just me (or a lack of afternoon caffeine) or are those delivery numbers that Gabe notes in the two articles (this one & the link) about 5,000 apart? Did I miss something?

  • The link is specifically referring to the US.