Official Bluetooth Kit How-To PDF

For all your do-it-yourselfers out there we've added a couple new pdfs to the MotoringFile How To Guides in the past few days. The most notable of those will surely be the official MINI Bluetooth kit pdf. A word of warning however, it looks a bit more complex than one might expect.

For more on the MINI bluetooth kit check out this MotoringFile review from this past April: MINI Bluetooth Kit Reviewed.

  • What others are new?

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  • Wraith

    installation for the bluetooth looks somewhat daunting

  • Scott Eastman

    That does NOT look like a do-it-yourself project. Also, I thought it was very odd that the A-pillar cover is a one time use part and has to be replaced. (?)

  • Morris Dami

    I was looking at that – it's way to expensive, and since it's generic – bluetooth (that's the only reason I can think why) it doesn't pull voicecommands from phone, i.e. you have to program your own.

    And it's pricey – I got my SonyEricsson hbh-30 (or what it's called) with advanced mute, installed in about 2 hours myself. Was $210 for both module and mute. You do have to disassemble dash though to get to stereo.

  • Michael

    I have the kit installed, had it done by the dealer. The a-pillar cover has to be broken off to be removed. My guess is because there is an airbag behind it.

    As far as voice tags, you can access the tags stored in the phone. I have a SE T616, and accessing the voice tags on the phone is easy.

    I am very happy with the kit – no regrets on it whatsoever.

  • what do you need to setup bluetooth. also how do i or would i go about doing that?