The Cooper S JCW Kit Official Information


p>This press release is from MINI UK but it contains a good amount of technical detail that is pertinent to the rest of the world. We should have US specific info soon.

Performance hungry MINI drivers will be delighted to hear that a new John Cooper Works tuning kit for the MINI Cooper S has been developed to produce more power, greater performance and enhanced driving pleasure. The new kit is capable of generating 210 bhp of power (181 ft lbs.), a 0-62 mph of 6.6 seconds and a top speed of 143mph.

The kit will be available worldwide, for both the MINI Cooper S and the MINI Cooper S Convertible, following it's unveiling at the Paris Motor Show on Thursday, 23 September. Despite the increase in power, the price for the new John Cooper Works Kit will remain unchanged for the UK, at £2,999 (inc. VAT) + 10 hours labour fitting time.


The performance upgrade has principally been achieved through changes to the air filter system, allowing greater airflow at high revs (above 4,500rpm) by triggering an extra air intake flap to reduce pressure losses within the intake system. New fuel injectors and engine management calibration are also required to ensure optimum performance and durability under all operating conditions.

The arrival of the new Works Kit was precipitated by the modifications made to the MINI Cooper S earlier this year, including changes to the gear ratios on the six-speed Getrag gearbox. In line with the enhancements experienced on the new Cooper S, the new Works Kit now accelerates from 50-75 mph in just 5.4 seconds as well as it's improved speed off the mark.

Mike Cooper, Managing Director of John Cooper Works commented:

“Whilst it equates to only a small increase on paper, it feels like a considerably bigger hike. With the improved feel, throttle response and sound quality, we're delighted with the results and can't wait to pass the benefits on to our customers.”


Great news for existing Works Kit owners is that they need not buy an entirely new kit to realise the new levels of performance, but can have an upgrade fitted (new air filter intake system, injectors and calibration) at any official MINI dealer, at a cost of just £335 (inc. VAT) + one hour's labour fitting time. Both the new kit and upgrade are fully approved by MINI which means that vehicle warranty and MINI tlc service remain unaffected.

Every component of the John Cooper Works is the result of years of development work and innumerable road tests. The gutsy performance and first-class handling are testament to 150,000 road miles of durability testing and 20,000 miles of high-speed testing undertaken by experienced and exacting engineers. It has been put through it's paces in 35 degree heat and a freezing minus 20 degrees.

Technical Data:

  • Power: 210bhp (154kW) @ 6950rpm
  • Max Torque: 245 Nm @ 4500rpm
  • Top Speed: 143mph (230km/h)
  • 0-62 mph: 6.6 seconds
  • 50-75mph: 5.4 seconds (4th gear)
    6.7 seconds (5th Gear)
  • C02 Emissions: 207g/km

New Accessories

New sports suspension uses specially developed components for outstanding road-holding, including short and stiff coil springs to reduce the car's ground clearance, allowing ever faster cornering, without compromising safety. Prices start at £495 for MINI Cooper S and £615 for MINI Cooper models. Also, a new cross-brace in the engine compartment adds stability by reducing body vibration.


The degree of safety can be further optimised by the first class sports brake system, which combines larger discs and massive brake calipers at the front with special brake pad linings on the rear axle. The braking system is a genuine racing tool – just like the 18″ star-spoke R95 light alloy wheels. All accessories have been developed jointly by Mini Cooper's specialists and MINI engineers.

In order to generate an even sportier appearance, a new carbon fibre rear spoiler, tailgate handle, and exterior wing mirror covers have been added to the list of available exterior accessories. On the inside, for drivers after an authentic racing feel, carbon fibre interior trim can be teamed with John Cooper Works Sports Seats.


All new John Cooper Works accessories are available from the end of September, with the exception of the sports brake system, cross brace and carbon fibre trim which will be offered from early 2005.

Some JCW Stats:

In the 18 months since the kit was introduced, over 6,000 MINI Cooper S drivers have ordered the Works tuning Kit. A breakdown by country follows (of total kits sold):

  • USA: 36%
  • UK: 21%
  • Germany: 9%
  • Italy: 7%
  • Japan: 5%