Official MINI Armrest Group Buy

Update: This offer is now closed due to an overwhelming response. I have more than a hundred requests from all over the world currently and wants to catch up before taking anymore.

The current number of people on the list exceeds the number of armrest currently available at the dealer as well. As soon as I have all armrests together I will contact Gabe for an update on Thanx for your patience! – Alex

Alex from has set up a group buy of the new official MINI armrest. He's working in association with his local dealer to sell this accessory to anyone interested outside of Germany. If you missed the initial article about this new armrest you can read more here.

Here's all the info from Alex himself:

“I now have the special offer for US MINI owners and other non-european MINI maniacs!

The normal price for the armrest is $195! I can offer the armrest for $123 (excluding postage & packing which shouldn't be that much though!).

All the readers have to do is follow this link:

They have to put down their name on the list and follow instructions in that thread and soon they will be contacted by me for payment instructions.

The armrest also fits non-facelift minis (at least that's what bmw has told me).

Big thanks to Alex for doing this. It'll allow those who have a serious need for this armrest a chance to get it 3 months before US availability. Also please keep in mind this group buy is not associated with MotoringFile so if you have any questions please contact Alex directly at this email address:

  • Not sure if I need an armrest but that is a HUGE discount! Excellent job!

  • Mike


    I was bummed when I ordered my 05 MCS and found out that the armrest wouldn't be available unitl Jan. Alex is giving us pre-Jan 05 buyers a chance to get the armrest after all. Way to go Alex!

  • DiamondRG

    OK, I give up. I have gone to the website, but can't figure out how to register (since everyting is in German) and post a reply that I want on the list. Please help!

  • jesse

    “non-facelift” minis?

  • non-facelift I assume means all MINIs prior to the 2005 model year.

  • GSKChicago

    Okay, I am with DiamondRG. I can't figure it out either. Josh's translation was interesting, but didn't get me the whole way through. :o(

    Would emailing Alex directly be sufficient to gain a spot on the list?

  • Yes – email Alex directly.

  • Hi folks!

    I have recieved a zillion emails from a lot of you – 🙂 !.

    Please dont get nervous when you recieve no reply right away. I have that many requests that I currently have no time to come back to each of you.

    I have wrote each of you on a list who had problems to register on the website – dont worry!.

    You will recieve an confirmation mail once the big run is over 🙂 !.

    I might be able to lower the current price of 123$ to something below 110$ i assume but have to check that first so please stay calm 🙂 🙂 !.

    Thanks a bunch!


  • bukowski

    Very well done, Alex.

  • Alex

    sorry for my bad english…it should have been: “i have written each of you….”



  • Joe K.

    Thanks to Alex for his generous offer. I hope I won't feel too silly sitting with my elbow resting on my new armrest before my Mini actually arrives!

  • McCasper

    I'll be right there with you Joe. My MINI will hopefully be here sometime in mid-October. If the armrest gets here first, I guess I will have an interesting paper weight.

  • bukowski

    Don't apologize, Alex.

    Much better than most Americans' German skills.

  • SDR

    Alex – I've sent an email to you directly, so I'll patiently wait for your response. Thanks for making this happen!

  • RB


    Does this item will flip up outta that way and will it stay up until it is released or just flip down at will?


  • Norms

    Hi Alex – I sent you an email and it came back undeliverable 🙁

    I would like to be included in the armrest buy and my email is – thanks 🙂

  • Andy Lee

    Yes Alex I would also be interested in the armrest, please get back to me thanks.

  • Penny

    Please include me in your group buy. What a great deal on the price!

  • Harold

    yes, great thing you've done here Alex. Please add me to the list- I would like one too!

  • Bart

    I'm in….(sent email to Alex)

  • GSKChicago

    Just to be on the safe side, want to make sure I'm in as well. I posted on here last night with web site difficulties, but not sure if Alex is listing me for the buy too.

    Thanks! :o)


  • Volkan

    Count me in as well (an email sent to Alex, too). Thanks!!!

  • RobO


    Please include me on the arm rest list.


  • Franz

    Thanks Alex!

    I sent an email as well. Please count me in.

    I'd still like to find out if the armrest flips up to get it out of the way.

  • RB

    Hey Alex, I hope you're making some marks of this!


  • Ken Charpie

    I got my Mini with the green leather inside. Is it possible to get this to match? Or, what type upholstery does it go with best?

  • HI!

    Due to the huge request I wont take any more orders this minute.

    I have more than a hundred requests from all over the world which have to be worked on next!.

    Also I have to order more rests at BMW which will be contacted as soon as possible to handle the large demand!. Hopefully BMW will be able to produce that many armrests or even better BMW has got that many armrests in stock !.

    As soon as I have all armrests together I will contact Gabe for an update on !.

    Thanx for your patience!


  • Cecil Phillips

    Do you have any mini armests on sale? Will it fit the 09 Clubman? Thanks.