Update: This offer is now closed due to an overwhelming response. I have more than a hundred requests from all over the world currently and wants to catch up before taking anymore.

The current number of people on the list exceeds the number of armrest currently available at the dealer as well. As soon as I have all armrests together I will contact Gabe for an update on motoringfile.com. Thanx for your patience! – Alex

Alex from NewMINI-Technik.de has set up a group buy of the new official MINI armrest. He's working in association with his local dealer to sell this accessory to anyone interested outside of Germany. If you missed the initial article about this new armrest you can read more here.

Here's all the info from Alex himself:

“I now have the special offer for US MINI owners and other non-european MINI maniacs!

The normal price for the armrest is $195! I can offer the armrest for $123 (excluding postage & packing which
shouldn't be that much though!).

All the readers have to do is follow this link: http://www.newmini-technik.de/viewtopic.php?p=9709#9709

They have to put down their name on the list and follow instructions in that thread and soon they will be contacted by me for payment instructions.

The armrest also fits non-facelift minis (at least that's what bmw has told me).

Big thanks to Alex for doing this. It'll allow those who have a serious need for this armrest a chance to get it 3 months before US availability. Also please keep in mind this group buy is not associated with MotoringFile so if you have any questions please contact Alex directly at this email address: info@rp-mini.de.