2005 Headlight & Taillight Retrofit Kit

For all those wondering if it's possible to retrofit the new 2005 headlights and tail lights on earlier MINI we've got a resounding answer… yes! Obviously the price might be a bit prohibitive but hey, if you have to ask, you probably don't want to know! The instructions and part numbers come in the of the form of official MINI PDF instructions.

[Facelift Headlight Retrofit PDF] [Facelift Taillight Retrofit PDF]

  • charlie

    Gabe, I get an ERROR when I click on both links…but it has a Motoringflie header. Charlie

  • Allan

    same here…

  • pete

    who the hell would want to retrofit those crappy cheap looking taillamps on a nice 04?

  • Well – many people I know that have seen them in the flesh prefer the new look. But obviously most people won't consider it due to costs…

  • Randall

    Both links take you to the same PDF file for the headlights….no PDF for the taillights…..

  • The should both work…

  • Randall
  • It was fixed a few minutes ago actually…

  • Randall

    Yupper…works great now !!!!

  • Frank

    Honest opinion… I don't like the new '05 tailights. I much prefer the “clasic” lenses with the amber turn signal lights in the middle of the stack. The new ones do have a tendency to look cheap.

    But worst of all is the black plastic cover on the former location of the backup light in the rear bumper. Even if you get the optional rearfog light still looks aweful.

    Evidently, cost cutting is the name of the game for '05 and without a shade of a doubt the original tailights are`clearly a cut above the new ones.

    There is a reason why Frank Stephenson wanted a clear backup light lense in the bumper…because anything else would look simply aweful. Ditto for the amber lights in the old lenses.

    I think I'll pass.

  • Frank

    I gather the retrofit kit is cheaper for owners of 2004 MINIs built on or after 9/2003, because the electronic body control module doesn't need to be replaced (Seems to be same as in the 2005's).

    Owners of '02 and '03 need to have this part replaced, thus increasing the cost of the retrofit.

  • BOB

    Is the 05 Xeon's field of light that much improved over the 04's. Will the improved lighting be cost effective?

  • Is the field of light improved? – Yes

    Is the improved lighting cost effective. – no

    Costs would probably be well over double what the xenon option costs from the factory.

  • Frank I'm going to have to disagree with you. The new rearfogs make more sense in that they are lower to the ground and serve the foglight purpose better. Further I can't see where there's obvious cost cutting in the design of the rear tail lights on the '05. The materials appear to be very similar and the design isn't that much different.

    That being said I do prefer the euro orange/red '05 lights compared to the US all red version.

    I do believe the black plastic piece is horrendous though. The rearfog light kit should be a mandatory option for all those outside OR and CA.

  • KarlM

    Having had an 03 and now the proud owner of an 05, I can say that I like the new lights, both front and rear. I don't know what part of the rear lights look crappy and cheap. Overall, I'm extremely impressed with the build quality of the 2005 and don't think that cost cutting was the name of the game for 2005.

  • Derek

    I guess that means that MINI thinks there will be a demand to do this?


  • Frank

    Gabe, what bothers me about the new headlights is the “all red” scheme which I think looks cheap (But you are right about the materials being unchanged)and in conjunction with the “blank” in the rear bumper just lends to a very questionnable look.

    In a way, I would have preferred for MINI to have either retained the rear fog lights within the tailight assembly (as before) and simply get rid of the lense in the bumper all together or to relocate the fog light to the left side of the bumper.

    If memory serves me right, the classic European placement of the rear fog light has always been in the rear bumper near the left side edge.

    I still contend that issuing all red tailights for the US market (what about Canada) is cheaper than placing the proper “Euro” amber tailights.

    I honestly don't understand the $$$ difference (Plastic is molded plastic after all) but one reason I prefer the '02'-04 tailights is that they look better integrated to the overall design and they have the nice and safer contrast of amber.

  • Frank

    In contrast to my dislike of the '05 tailights, I think that the new halogen and Xenon headlamps look terrific.

    Too bad the rear did not get the same dramatic treatment as the front.

  • Brian

    Personally I like the 05 lights better with the exception of the us cars having the all red light. I wonder can you get the euro version of the tails witht he amber turn indicator? And if you can get tehm would anything else need to be changed?

  • Lucas

    I personally don't prefer either tail lights (between pre '05 and '05), except for the red turning signals.

    Amber turning signals seem to make more sense — but MINI seems to be following the Audi trend.

    Love the '05 Xenon head lights though…

    Another note is that the new tail lamp arrangement is incompatible with third party tail lamps without rewiring.

  • Frankie

    So, how much are they? Can the rear fog light purchased separately? If yes, how about the flip switch for it at the center consol?

  • allan MICHAEL

    I like the all red look of the '05 tails, especially when the lights are lit with that nice slant.

    I too hate that crappy back plastic, and cant wait for the red fog light. In the meantime i put a reverse light form and '04 into my spot where the rear fog will go— $10 –10 minutes to put in– looks great! (even tho it doesnt work!!))


  • peter

    Well, with an official MINI retrofit kit introduced, this opens up the possibility of reverse-retrofit… that is, fitting the 1st gen. tail lamps onto an '05 then.

  • Frankie – the rear foglight retro-fit kit will be available in the coming months. We don't have numbers on the retrofit kit for all the 2005 lights yet.

  • C. Tate

    Gabe (or anyone else),

    2 questions, if you can help:

    1. If the electronic body module is replaced for pre 9/03 cars, does this mean that other electronic features like speed in the tach will be available too?

    2. I forget what Xenons cost from the factory, something like $550? So we are looking at around $1100 for this?

  • Rodney

    I have the complete toggle bank for my MC. I wonder if I will be able to use it on the new MCS I plan to get(as soon as they release the LSD and convenience kit)?

  • Mo

    Speaking of retrofits, does anybody know if the new center console with the two built-in storage trays will fit in the pre-05 MC and MCS?

  • Me

    taillights are okay … the headlights are disgusting ricer lookalikes

  • Franz

    With the new location of the rear fog light, why is the rear fog still prohibbited in CA and OR? What is the nature of the CA and OR restriction? Can you not register a vehicle that already has a rear fog light? Is it that you cannot use the fog light on the roads in those states? Or can you simply not purchase it in those states?

  • yo

    i hate the rear lights

  • RB

    Could the original tailights be fitted to the newer cars? Or are they Euro lights still like the original lights and if yes why not just fit those?


  • i'm planning to fit the old lights should i get the new cooper – or at least get the amber turn signals… red flashers make no sense.

    the front lights are a harder decision – will have to compare light output before deding if its worth putting up with the cartoony look (that's my issue with a lot of the design changes – e.g. the steering wheel – they look like they were drawn in toontown).

    as an aside anyone know the weight difference between xenons and standard? that's a bad place to add weight on a car…

  • Gabe.. how could you miss how this isn't a cost-cutting measure! The pre 05 rear lamps are 1/3rd fog light, bulb included. Now, the fog section is a totally seperate unit that is not installed unless the customer asks for it. Just imagine the savings per bulb alone.

  • Jan

    I hate the idea of “all red” taillights. During the day especially the red lens turn signal is too easily lost in it's sameness and sun glare. Is the US the only market in the world that has all red lenses? If it is can we get lens covers from Canada or Europe to swap out?

  • EBMCS03

    Same question as Tate's

    1. If the electronic body module is replaced for pre 9/03 cars, does this mean that other electronic features like speed in the tach will be available too?
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