The MINI Cooper Supersprint Exhaust

For my birthday, some of my friends gave me a Supersprint exhaust system for my Cooper. They purchased it from Promini, where it retails for $399.95.

The Italian-made Supersprint exhaust is 100% stainless steel, which means I should have it for a long time. Also of note is that the pipe is bent using mandrel bends so that the diameter of the pipe is consistent from end to end.

I have to admit to being a bit hesitant to have it installed. As someone who detests cars with “fart cannons“, I feared that my Cooper would join the swarm of garish, flatulent Civics and Neons that infests my corner of the world. After about a week, and a little subtle prodding, I mustered up the courage to go through with it.

Not wanting to give myself time for second thoughts, I skipped shopping around for the best price and went to the local Midas. For the most part, installation went smoothly. However, the mechanic was a little confused about the hangers that were included in the package. He ended up cutting one of them into pieces in order to make things work. I suspect that he misread the instructions. Since the exhaust seems to be firmly attached and does not rattle, I'm not going to complain. Installation took about one hour to complete.

With the turn of the key, I discovered that my fears about the exhaust were unfounded. The cabin was filled with a very pleasing low growl. It's a sound that I would never have expected from a Cooper.

Supersprint exhaust

Pulling out onto the road for the first time was quite a treat, as well. At low rpm, the exhaust's tone is deeper than the stock system. As rpm increases, the deep rumble gives way to a wonderfully powerful, throaty sound. I was so impressed that I couldn't help but chuckle a bit.

Supersprint exhaust

The amount of gurgle when engine braking has greatly increased. I found this to also be very cool.

Most importantly, however, I could definitely feel the increase in power. Supersprint claims that the exhaust adds 5 Hp to the standard Cooper. I'm inclined to believe that number.

One complaint I've heard about aftermarket exhaust systems is that they are unpleasant on long trips. The weekend after installation, I drove from Chicago to northern Wisconsin and back. Since this exhaust does not have a resonator, there was more noise in the cabin than with the stock exhaust. However, at no point did I find it excessive or annoying.

Overall, I think the Supersprint exhaust system is a great buy. It sounds wonderful, adds some power, and vastly increases the longevity of the exhaust system. The only downside is that some people might find it a bit too noisy for long trips.

4½ (out of 5)

  • Mike

    Some friends you've got. 🙂

  • Pepe

    Enjoy it! and congratulations for your birthday too!

  • David

    It sounds fantastic! But there's no popping/burbling like on the MCS exhaust, is there?

  • franz

    It sounds good, but how does it compare to Gabe's Remus exhaust? I'd assume there is more highway noise from the Supersprint, but maybe more power. Have you guys compared the power increase between the two?

  • The exhaust hanger design changed between '03 and '04; is that perhaps why Midas had a problem? Was the exhaust design matched to the age of the car?

    Oh, and belated happy birthday 🙂

  • Mike: I have great friends.

    Pepe: Thanks.

    David: The Supersprint gurgles a lot during engine braking. Not so much between gears, though.

    franz: Gabe and I haven't had a chance to get together to make a comparison. Hopefully, we'll have a chance this coming weekend.

    Ian: Promini asks what car you have when you enter the products section. I can only assume that they selected the correct car before buying.

  • I have the SuperSprint on my '02 MCS & absolutely love it. And the BMP/ProMINI tips look sweet!

  • GSKChicago

    Hmm… I love the sound of my '05 MCS, wonder what the MCS version of this exhaust would do. My biggest complaint about the exhaust on my MCS is I can't hear it as much as I'd like if the windows are closed or there is too much other noise around. I love the “feedback” sound she gives off and would love to hear her a bit more. My fiance thinks I am crazy that I turn off the sound system just to listen to the engine and exhaust sometimes. Well, she thinks I'm inasne for several reasons, this being one of them.

    Anyone have experience with MCS exhaust upgrades?

    Matt… You were haulin' near the end of the “accelerating” video clip. :o) Thanks for the write up.


  • swingMCS03

    I have the Magnaflow exhaust, which is wonderfully throaty, loud and burbly. This system is quite loud, though, especially at speed on the highway. I really like it. Others may not.

    Check out NAM, do a search for exhausts, and listen to the different systems. Or better yet, go to a rally or gathering and hear some in person.


  • Nick Nichols

    I have an 05MCS with the Magna Flow-truly not for the timid. I added a Promini CAI–talk about a Harmonic Convergence. Rarely have the HK on.

  • TJKonarski

    GSKChicago : “…sound SHE gives off and would love to hear HER…” MINI's are boys, aren't they? Everywhere I read about them on the website and in the MINI Owners Lounge website they always refer to the car as him, brother, handsome, etc… All terms that are relative to a male. (It's also compared to resembling a male bulldog in a few commercials and in still photos.)

    For instance, I'm still waiting for my MCS Convertible and I can track it's progress in the MINI Owners Lounge. Right now it's at “Awaiting Transport” and the caption below says, “Your healthy and handsome new MINI has been built…” And the “En Route” caption reads, “…lots of partying with its brothers…”

    Did you neuter your MINI?

  • I can't comment on the sound yet since I haven't heard it but I have a Supersprint on my 3 series Touring and love it. The quality is first rate and installation was a breeze.

    It's very refined and easier heard at low revs rather than high. I imagine it's very different than what Supersprint makes for the MINI though.

  • Big Jimmy

    I went to look into getting one, but they will not allow you to select MY 05, not the only site with this problem but do you all know if the exhaust hanger design changed this year? Great looking/sounding exhaust, sounds very sporty. PS I want friends like yours =-D

  • GSKChicago



    No, I didn't neuter my MINI. I have always referred to cars as “her” or “she”. I even named her with a girls name. This is a point that surely some would disagree with, whether or not a car is a her or a he. I won't give my reasons so as to not get off topic here nor to instill dislike from others. I will just say that my MINI, Sally, is happy being referred to as a her. :o)


  • pete

    my wife installed the borla exhaust on her new 05' mcs. she loves it, i prefer the jcw exhuast myself as it is not as loud and as throaty, but if you like that really loud exhaust sound as you hit high geras, its all for you. its sounds like a deep Buuuuurrrrr sound, but not at all fart cannon-ish. i like it, plus it adds about 7 horsepower to the mcs, and if you add a cold air intake it gives it an even better sound, and more power

  • Vanwall

    Happy B'day, Matt! That's some present! Glad you like it. I think a good exhaust note is very important for the overall feel of the car, and if done right, contributes to the feedback you need when driving. The extra HP is a bonus, and I know what you mean when you can feel it kicking in. There's one hill on my everyday commute that became less tiresome because the extra little grunt from the Remus helped. Happy motorin'!

       Rob in Dago

  • camelpilot

    You have cool friends.

    but…. after watching your videos, especially the second one, I just thought I'd tell you to be careful, because it sounded like your car started missing at high rpm, probably due to air/fuel starvation, it did not sound too good, if this is the case, i would not change gear at these high rpms because you damage your engine big time when you do.

  • What change in sound makes you think that it's missing? The harshness during the first shift?

  • camelpilot

    it happened in all gears, 1-3, right at the very end, kind of like the sound you hear when an engine is straining. e.g. instead of a vroooooooooooooooooom, you get a vroooooooooo om om om om. Hope that makes sense, lol.

  • Oh! No. I think that's wind hitting the camera's mic.

  • Andy

    The Miniusa website is offering a Mini Sports Exhaust System for the Price of $675. If compared to the Supersprint, what is the difference. should i buy the Mini offer sports Exhaust alone with my Mini, or just use the standard come alone first and then change to supersprint later.

  • I've seen the exhaust that MINI offers for the Cooper – the Supersprint looks just as well made and sells for much less.

  • bikaa-m.

    hi there mini fans. first time inquiry from a soon-2-B proud owner of 2005 mini cooper – I am still on the waiting list at longbeach mini; but I just got a call today from them telling me that my peppaa-wht mini will be part of the end-of-nov.04 order raster! jahoo.

    but here my real question: I considered ordering the 'sport exhaust' option [$675 plus install]. can anybody tell me what I will get? is it any good and worth the expense? what company makes it? borla? remus? ac schnitzer? what should I expect to get charged for the install from the mini dealer for the factory ordered option? which after market cat-back exhaust do ya'll recommend? thanx for your insights. ciao … bikaa-m.

  • I have had the same problem with my 2001 mini cooper. the hangers were totally wrong so i had to send off for a different hanger. my reseller neglected to tell me. I have fitted a playmini 3″ stainless and get much the same sound however i find that my exhaust is much louder when i have been driving the car for a while, but sounds a little rough when cold.

  • kevin

    Has anyone compared the factory sport exhaust to any others. Is there any one out there that has the factory exhaust, and do you like it

  • Mark

    It sounds realy wonderful but there is one thing i want to know..

    Do you have only a Supersprint end-mufler ? or do you have a full exhaust system from Supersprint ?

    Please e-mail me the answer..


  • cool presentations bro, thanx for the examples

  • MetalMiniMayhem

    I have the Borla racing exhaust on mine and I like the way it sounds, but I do not liek the way MINI deicided in ’05 to retard the timing during decel. to igve it that “poppy” sporty sound.. any ideas on how to eliminate that ?

  • garrett

    Any idea who makes the single pipe exhaust system for the “05 S?

  • garrett,

    check alta

  • Larry

    Does anyone know what the best sounding exhaust is on an MC?

  • jdonaldlukas

    Anyone know if the sound clips are with or without the straight pipe?

  • With.