Official MINI Rear Camera Retrofit Kit

We've got yet another set of official MINI retrofit instructions for you… this time for installing the new MINI rear monitoring camera system. In case you missed our original article on the camera system here's an excerpt from the PR release about it:

Clear visibility all the way.
The wide range of Original MINI Accessories also comprises a great number of attractive features for retrofitting. Whenever the MINI is fitted with an on-board monitor, for example, it may be further upgraded by the addition of a front-end (not part of the install PDF) and back-up camera, particularly the wide-angle back-up camera integrated into the luggage compartment lid serving to avoid expensive bumps when parking. Enlarging the driver's angle of vision to 131°, this color camera automatically projects its image to the monitor once the driver shifts to reverse.

Through their special structure and surface, the lens is able to clean themselves in the interest of optimum clarity.

[Rear Camera Retrofit Kit] (No word yet on whether this is available in the US)
  • Jeremy

    Looks like one of the most complicated installs I have seen…I do hope it comes to the U.S. though

  • Mike

    Wow! That's very cool.

    I hope this is made available in the U.S., but if it's not, maybe we can get someone in Europe (like Alex) to do a group buy on it for us. 🙂 I'd love to have this functionality in my MINI. I was really surprised that MINI didn't already offer it as an option with the navigation system as it's much nicer than the parking distance control they offer now in my opinion (and many other car manufacturers are already offering such a feature in the U.S. – My neighbor has one in her Infinity Q35 and it's great).

    Also, if it is going to be available in the U.S., I wonder what the cost will be for the retrofit kit?

    BTW, how come the switchbox kit isn't included as it looks like it's an important part? Also, why are two part numbers given in the PDF for the kit? What's the difference?

  • Mike

    Actually, the install doesn't look too bad to me. It looks like the same amount of work as trying to install a trunk mounted amp in an after market stereo system. Although, I'm sure it's more involved than I'm noticing as they are specing 4-4.5 hours for the install.

    The nice part is that the retrofit system does NOT require recoding by the dealer.

    BTW, here are the part numbers listed in the PDF for those that don't want to bother downloading it:

    66 21 0 392 370 66 21 0 303 085

    Although, as stated in the PDF, the switchbox (i.e. part Q) is not included.

  • Timothy Sipples

    Speaking of which, anyone know if there's a way to get the onboard LED display to show “R” when putting a manual transmission in reverse? The R is there (somewhere) for the automatic transmission. Bonus points if it blinks about three times.

  • Benjamin

    This is necessary to have in the convertible version.

  • Josh

    Tim, is it really that hard to find the reverse gear that you need the car to tell ya?

  • antsmini

    MINI would be foolish not too bring this to the US market, its a great feature any many car companies already offer it in the US.

  • Mike

    Yes, antsmini, but MINI USA has been known to do similarly foolish things in the past. So the lesson is, you can't always count on MINI USA being rational. 🙂

  • Josh

    Or BMW for that matter. 1 series cough cough

  • Frank

    To me this gizmo seems more appropiate in behemoth SUVs or full size sedans, but a MINI, the shortest car sold in America???

    I can see the camera being of better use in the convertible version which has horrible rearward vision with the top up, but the hardtop MINI???

    If you are a sucker for gizmos, maybe this toy will do the trick to “impress your friends”, but if you need a camera everytime you go in reverse, probably you need to revisit your driving skills and learn to use the side mirrors (And turn your head back) when backing up.

  • dgszweda

    I agree with Frank. This goes right there with the backup sensors. This isn't a bus, it is the smallest car in America.

  • Tim

    Yes, the MINI is the smallest car sold in America. However, it is not impossible for human error to still cause damage, or worse, death — like especially to a small child or even a family pet. To say the cameras would not be useful in the MINI is like saying airbags could never be useful in a Hummer.

    When you try to think about or criticize something, try to envision the argument from all angles.

  • Frank

    Cameras and backup sensors can not replace sound judgement and extra care when behind the wheel. I have driven larger cars than the MINI and haven't had the need to use cameras or radars when backing out.

    I see the benefits of these gizmos in cars with terrible visibility out the back or whose exterior dimensions pose a threat to any living creature.

    In fact, I think you increase your chances of hitting something by trying to look at the screen rather than having your eyes look out the back window.

    Just an opinion, so to each thier own.

  • dgszweda

    I think there is a big difference between the need for airbags, and the need for a backup video monitoring system in a car. Come on!

    There is not a safety substiture for airbags. As far as monitors go, if you remember in driver's education, you are suppose to walk around the car and look for any obstructions prior to backing the car out. If semi drivers and Hummer drivers can back out without killing people, I think Mini drivers can probably do the same thing.

    I still think it is cool, don't get me wrong, but from a pure level of safety, I don't think it is the best money spent. But to each his own.

  • Richard

    So can you retrofit a Nav system?

  • Mike


    For those of you who are interested…

    StevePSB over on was kind enough to find out the following information for me on the retrofit kit's part numbers:

    The first part number you quote is listed as 'Reversing camera retrofit kit' and the second part number is listed as 'Retrofit kit extras', and it looks like you need both. This is rear only.

    66 21 0 392 370 – £269.09 +VAT – Part on hold, not yet available 66 21 0 303 085 – £156.60 +VAT – Available to order from Germany

    For front it looks like you need one camera

    66 21 0 392 371 – Unknown price, not yet available

    and another of the extras kits as above.

    That's the best as I can interpret it ATM. The fact that they're not available yet means that a dealer can't order the parts ATM.

    Thus, it appears that the “switchbox” (and possibly the “handle seal strip”) is part of the “Retrofit kit extras” package (although I'm not positive). However, it's strange that the “Retrofit kit extras” component is available in Germany, but the main “Reversing camera retrofit kit” isn't. Weird…

  • Hi guys!

    Reading your comments in this section I'm thinking about setting up another group buy 🙂 !. This time I'll do the full work by myself in order to speed up shipping a little bit cause my dealer really reached his limit with all those armrestorders (by the way: 50 out of 70 have been posted so far! that's what i was told today)!. I will contact BMW tomorrow in order to figure out some prices for the camera. Therefore I need some feedback though!. How many of you guys would like to have one of these cameras ?.

    Take care

    Alex (who hopes that everyone gets his/her armrest these days 🙂 )

  • Mike


    You're the man! 🙂

    I'm definitely interested in one (but you already knew that).

    — The Office Maven

  • Mike


    I've also posted a note on MINI2 and NAM about the group buy and asked that interested folks post on the respective forums. We'll see what happens.

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