2005 MINI Owners Manual PDF Released

After an extra long wait the 2005 MINI owners manual (US version) is finally available at the Owners Lounge as a downloadable PDF. You can also download it in our “files” section at the bottom right of this page.

  • michael Boice


    Is this manual a 'shop' type manual, the type that comes with torques settings and procedures for install, re-install?


  • no…this is a the regular owners manual that comes with every MINI.

  • Aaron Pailthorp

    Anyone know what “wind sheild heating” is? Just a special defrost mode, or something different?

    Nothing seen on the LSD… too bad.


  • NK

    The heated windshield includes very thin wires inside the windshield which can be heated similar to the rear window. Thought it wasn't available in the US though.


  • BudD

    Its a shame that there are so many options that the dealer can turn on to customize your MINI. You won't know about most of them until you've had a chance to read the manual after purchase, then you have to wait until your first service to have them connected. See page 47 “Vehicle Memory” for a listing. Being my second new MINI, I've already sent a list to be connected during arrival prep at the dealer.

  • revwillie

    Hey, that's a two-spoke steering wheel! (see page 12)

  • MadisonMini

    You especially won't know about them if your dealer doesn't even MENTION them, like my didn't. Wasn't until after I'd driven 90 miles home after delivery that I realized there were any options! Wish this manual would have been available before I picked up my car.

  • tom

    Does anyone know where you could get a 2005 maintenance manual?

  • Evan

    From Australia how can I follow the manufacture of my my Mini Cooper Cabrio using my Production Number?

  • Did you know that Mini Owners Manuals are being sold on ebay for as much as $29? Wheu!

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  • Keith Kamita

    I was not able to download the 2005 Mini manuel is there another location for this file?

  • A.Herrera

    I couldn’t download the 2005 Mini manual either. Is there an alternate site??