More Official DPSM Information from MINI

For those of you interested in the new Digital POWER SoundModule from MINI here's another official PDF explaining the accessory as well as providing further installation and techical information. There's a few bits of info that may be of some interest right off the bat. For instance it would seem that the DPSM is not available for those with the HK system. Further it looks as if the DPSM will only work with cars produced after 10/03.

You can download the entire PDF here.

Update: We now also have the official MINI install instructions for those interested in not only how it works but how it goes in. You can download the PDF here.

  • TK

    That PDF is dated 9/03. Do you think we will ever see that kit here in the states?

  • Mike

    Hmm… I wonder why it's “not suitable for cars fitted with the Harman/Kardon system”? Doesn't the H/K system come with the “boost” radio (i.e. the one with the CD player)? Seems silly to limit the upgrade to those folks who don't have the H/K system.

  • Karl

    There always seems to be something that comes along that is better than what I ordered. I do like the H/K setup in my car, however I'm bringing it back in to the dealer on Monday to try and rid my 05 MCS of the dreaded H/K door rattles. After the last attempted fix, my doors rattle without the radio on now. I think it's the rattles that annoy me the most, although the stumble on my 03 really stunk, too.

  • flav

    what will be the “translated” US cost if it were to happen to come over here?

  • JB

    i'd be guessing that the dspm uses the same install location, outputs from the head unit, and speaker locations as the HK system.

    Much like the ipod adapter and the nav unit not being able to be wired together as a stock dealer install option.

    no idea yet whether a hack is available to make them work together, but i ordered my mcs without nav to get the ipod adapter available when it was available.

    didnt know about the HK limitation at that stage, so i guess will se where this takes it.

  • The HK system has wiring to the speakers from the rear (amp position). Looking at the install guide it appears that the DPSM wires into the speakers at the head unit location. Maybe you could buy a kit and hack the wiring harnesses and modify them to install this on an HK system, but MINI is obviously not going to do it for you …

  • Rodney

    Any links to the DPSM manual?

  • MadisonMini

    My concern is looking at the pics of the components. Are they drawn to scale?

    Meaning that that amp is pretty small (drawn smaller than the front speaker) to deliver 660 watts. My old alpine 30Wx2 amp was twice the size as my front speaker.

    Doesn't matter how many watts or decibels something is if it doesn't deliver “clean” sound, meaning low distortion. Hard to imagine a small footprint amp would be up to that challenge.

  • GregF

    HK wasn't available for my Aug. build '02, so it figures that I can't get DPSM either. Anyone have any aftermarket suggestions under $1000; under $500? I was thinking Stealthbox or Basslink only and keeping the stock HU. Can I trust Sound Advice or Circuit city with my baby?

  • Rodney

    I wouldn't worry about the size of the amp. I have two amps totalling 300 watts that are very small. The description indicates that the amp is “Digital”. It's probably one of the newer Class T amps. They are small, powerful, clean and produce very little heat. I love mine.

  • MadisonMini

    I wonder if the insulation mats listed in the .pdf file can be order as separate parts and used for insulation on exisiting HK systems. Anyone know?

  • njpaguy

    Three words: kicks major ass.

    Super clean sound; amazing fidelity; worth every cent. And all of it fits very neat and tidy in the car without modding the interior and losing space to power amps and subwoofers.

    Want to know more? Just ask.

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  • Gabe, Why isn’t the DPSM install on the DIY page?

  • Why isn’t the DPSM install on the DIY page?

    I’ve stopped putting these new PDFs on the DIY page because people were simply stealing the code wholesale and putting on other sites. So I’ve decided to only feature these links in the DIY category of the weblog.