The JCW Do-It-Yourself Upgrade Kit

For those that like to get hands on with their MINI and have the previous John Cooper Works kit for their MCS we now have the official install PDF instructions on the 2005 upgrade kit. The kit retails for $525 and typically requires an hour of dealer labor for the install. You can expect that dealer installation to increase the price by at least $100 when it's all said and done. However even if you do the work yourself the MCS will need to be reprogrammed by the dealer to “activate” the improved injectors. So don't think of this as a huge money saver… it's more of an opportunity to spend some quality time with your car. Grab the PDF below

[ JCW 2005 Upgrade PDF ]

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  • Big thanks to Reese for the instructions!

  • Gabe, Well done for yet another scoop. If anyone actually wants to follow these instructions, they really need two other documents as well (TIS No. 13 64 541, TIS No. 13 71 500). I did not get a “certificate” after my install – not sure from these instructions who it is supposed to be presented to?

  • Scott


    I didn't get a certificate either. Wonder if that gets sent to MINIUSA for warranty coverage?

    I've noticed a small improvement with the Upgrade kit – miss the shreik of my Rogue intake though.

  • Steve

    any info on a pdf for the full install? there was one for the “old” kit.

  • anyone know if a modified, NON-JCW car would benefit from this kit?

  • bonz

    After witnessing my 02 210 jcw upgrade, I would say the hardest part of the install was the wiring of the intake. The connector that JCW supplies is too bulky. My Mini installer had to locate a smaller connector to complete install.

    Unlike Ian & Scott I did receive the completed workshop certificate.

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  • BigCountry


    I’m in the middle of installing a JCW CAI and the dirctions say attach CAI yellow wire to White/red wire on harness only there is no white/red wire on harness. I see on the net that there might be a typo and should be the red/white wire only there isn’t one of those either. Can any one throw me a bone on this 06 MCS? or do I just have to trace the wire from pin 113? P.S. how do you determine which is pin 8 of the 12 pins in the fuse installation? They don’t appear to be numbered. Many Thanks

  • Dennis Bratland

    Thanks for having this file available! I couldn’t find it anywhere else.