See Your MINI As It's Being Created

MINIUSA's Onwers Lounge is currently testing a new feature that would allow anyone who orders a MINI to actually see photos of it being built at the plant in Oxford England. The feature is currently in a testing phase and could be fully rolled out next year.

You can see it in action here.

  • ChrisW

    One more reason to delay putting in my order? 🙂

  • Nicholas P

    One more reason to order a second MINI?

  • ChrisW

    Next up, help assemble your MINI yourself via remote-control-via-Internet robotic arms?

    I love this company, and I don't even have a MINI yet!

  • dgszweda

    Man, it took them long enough. I thought they should have done this back in early 2003. After having toured the Oxford plant, it looked like it would have been very easy to do. I am glad they are implementing this.

  • Bart

    Verrrry cool -!!!

    I too wish they would've done this sooner, (I've even suggested it a few times since I've been in so many “on order” threads lol! …I'm on my 3rd MINI) but excellent to see they are giving it a whirl. I hope it stays as a feature, and from what I remember of my last experience they could improve overseas shipping tracking too 😉


    So cool.

  • indimini

    Now what they need to do is coordinate with the highway system and put cameras at every Interstate off ramp. Have your picture taken with a huge grin on your face as you whip through a turn – sorta like the pictures you get at the amusement park rides. 🙂

  • MrV


    Just so long as there isn't a speed listed at the bottom of that photo.

  • GrumpyGills

    VERY cool addition. We don't have an owners lounge in Canada 🙁

  • Sunchaser

    I put that suggestion in when I was waiting for my mini. I agree, I think it is time to order another one just to see this in action! Maybe live video feed next!!

  • Pete

    Wow, this sounds great! I'm up for a 2nd week of January build.

  • Evan

    This a wonderful feature. I remember watching and tracking my MINI online last year and this would have made an awesome experience even better!

    Do this MINI!!

    And keep it for awhile since I have a few more years before I get another MINI…

  • alpinamike

    I had it on my MINI , its great, i got to see it before i go to the dealer. Then you know its the right color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike


    If you'd like to see exactly what is shown in the MINI USA Owner's Lounge as far as your MINI being created is concerned, then checkout this post of mine I put up on MINI2:

    It has step-by-step photos of my wife's brand new 2005 PW/B MCS being built. Very cool!

    Kudos to MINI on this one. 🙂

  • That's fantastic Mike – thanks!

  • Mike


    You are most welcome. I'm glad that I could help. 🙂

  • Nicho

    Well done MINI! Fantastic!

  • MikeG

    I'm stunned. I took delivery on Nov 20th. I was fully engaged in “Mini Tracking Frenzy” during the month previous, and had shortcuts to weather tracking webpages so I could track the boat my Mini came over on, at least twice daily. Since I had heard two different docking dates for the ship coming into Charleston I called ASK MINI and got the skinny on the actual date. Then I told the nice lady that what would be really cool is to have a few webcams set up to take snaps of your car at certain points during manufacture and have them posted to the owners site so you could actually see the car during the process and be even more immersed in the experience. She thought it was a great idea…and now a month later they're doing it? Like I said, I'm stunned! I'm thinking they probably already had the cameras set up on the production line anyway to monitor things and decided to post the images to the owner's site as a bonus! Outstanding!