MINI Phone Console Univeral Holder Review

For those that commute or take long road trips in their MINI there's certain amount of comfort or livability that is appreciated within the daily grind. Certainly some of that livability comes from nice seats and a well engineered view of the road… all things the MINI possesses. However one thing that the MINI (especially the pre-2005 models) does not possess is an over abundance of interior storage space. And while some of that concern can be dealt with by installing things like the Euro parcel shelf (standard on cars outside the US) there's still more that can be done.

The Phone Console Holder is a simple solution to one of those issues… where to put your mobile phone. The holder a adjustable and thus will fit almost every size of phone save maybe a Treo. It's designed to fit well within the look of the MINI interior and remain out of the way from the glove box, the radio and other controls.

The installation is a quick one-step process. You simply remove the top torx screw out of the right side pillar and replace it with the supplied screw while placing the holder in the appropriate location. To fit different phones just press the button on the right side and adjust accordingly. It's dead simple.



p>If your phone supports a speaker phone type of functionality it's a great alternative to an expensive bluetooth set-up. It also makes sense using it in conjunction with everything from Bluetooth headsets to even wired headsets. But even beyond that it's great as a storage area for a mobile phone that keeps the display completely visible.


p>As a bonus the version of the holder that I reviewed barely (and when I say barely I mean barely) fits a standard 40 gig iPod as well. However, it would fit an iPod Mini perfectly. I'm told by Quality Auto Interiors (where the holder is sold in the US) that there may be a new version coming down the road that fits the iPod a bit better out of the box. But in the meantime, it'll do a in pinch.


p>In the end it's been a fantastic addition to the interior of the my MINI. It's very simple to use, fits within the look and feel of the car, and operates without interfering with anything around it . The price might seem a bit high ($44.95) considering it's simplicity, however the end result is worth the money to anyone who is a heavy mobile phone user.

Rating: 4.5 (out of five)

The Cell Phone Holder is made by in Europe by the Wood Company. It's sold in the US by Quality Auto Interiors for a retail price of $44.95.

  • allan MICHAEL

    $45…are you kidding me?@!!!!!!!

  • mike

    considering a cup holder often costs around the same amount it's not too bad.

    and like the review says, for anyone who is a HEAVY mobile phone user it's worth it.

    For me, I don't take drinks in the car and don't like to talk on the phone while driving so I guess that saves me money in some ways.

  • Welcome to the world of well made auto accessories. Nice things cost money 🙂

  • Ian

    I have tried at least three different ones, and discarded them all – out much more than $45 so far so a good one at that price would be worth it!

  • MiniLifeCrisis

    I have a Pocket PC with a GPS system that slips in nicely into the '05 dash cup holder. Although it fits, a clamp (like that shown for the phone) would be nicer. How easily does this phone adaptor replace the existing cup holder? Does it require removing screws and brackets or can I quickly and easily interchange the cup holder with the phone bracket? A Phone bracket for long trips when I need my GPS and the Cup holder when I go to work and need something for my Starbucks? Can the bracket be adjusted for something as wide as a Pocket PC?

  • If you're talking about that bucket they call the 2005 cupholder – that is installed in the same way as the phone holder so it would have to be removed.

    If you're talking about the 2003-2004 cupholder they can actually co-exist.

    I'm not sure if it'll fit your PocketPC however – if it's wider than an iPod I doubt it.

  • ninjamini

    The best thing about this cell phone holder is that it makes a great mount for Sirius Satelite Radio.

  • Rick

    Any more pics? Side shot would be great.

  • GSKChicago

    How does it clamp onto the phone? I have the Motorola Razr and would want to clamp it in the open position and sometimes in the closed position. Do you think this would work?

    Also, you said it will allow one to keep their cupholder if they have the '03/'04 cupholder? My early '05 MCS has the previous model year cupholder still… So I wouldn't have to lose that, right?

  • Nicholas P

    this is nice, but i need the 05 cupholder that I have…and both that and this go on the right pillar!…why can't they make one of these that go on the left pillar, where it would be closer to the driver, thus safer to hit the buttons, and also co-exist with the new STANDARD cupholders (they come in the 05's for free)


    For all those looking to mount a pocket pc, check out this site. Same type of mount as this one, but can fit a pocket pc. Just select your pocket pc make and car make:


    You can see a pic of my pocket pc mount here:

  • Nicholas P

    can that pocketpc one clip on the left column instead of the right one, ANTSMINI?

    i need one for the left side!

  • PD Flint

    Pro-Clip makes two versions for the Mini. One is angled and must go on the right column. This is the unit shown in the above post. They also offer a non-angled unit called the Center Mount that will fit on the left post.

    You also need to purchase or fabricate a device specific holder that mounts to the ProClip.

    I have one of the angled clips in my 04 MCS. It holds the phone fine, but my Samsung sits at the wrong angle making the LCD screen hard to read. The adhesive tape that comes with the ProClip doesn't appear to be necessary, provided your phone isn't to heavy.


    Yeah I didnt use the adhesive that came with the proclip either, and it fits snugly.

  • ChrisLW

    I prefer my Panavise solution here….holds my 3G iPod very well.

  • Aaron Pailthorp

    I use the Pro-Clip too, but with an OEM phone cradle, which works out great. Initially I didn't use the double sticky tape either, but I did stick it on later, and it does make the cradle a bit more stable.

    I had one of their cradles originally, but the OEM from the phone manufacturer (same as in the article above) in this case is much nicer, it has a power socket built in, so I can leave the cigarette lighter hooked up all the time, and only need to snap my phone into the cradle to start the recharge.

  • YES – the holder can be used on the left side. The right and the left pilars are identical. You just have to flip it around.

  • WIZO

    i buy one and install very easily and i can choose to put my cell phone or my ipod mini. I buy it in FRANCE with a european company at and i pay by CB. I buy an armrest too. COOL.

  • Alfred

    Euro parcel shelf driver's side, remove small glove box replace with euro mini one parcel passanger's side, add front '05 catch tray, and the mini arm rest you got all the room you need for everything.

  • Al

    That's hilarious. I have a similar picture on my Sony Ericsson! I took my photo from a similar angle, while passing by on a boat on the Chicago river.

  • Al – pretty cool. Actually that was taken on St. Patrick’s day in Chicago last year.

  • monsterberg

    Any idea of the spread width for this holder. I am trying to find a mount for a Starmate Sirius plug and play receiver that has a nice fit and finish look in the car.

  • Mexico


    did you find a mount for your starmate, i’m trying to find one for my wife