The Making of Jump

MINIUSA has a great web documentary on the MINI Convertible commercial that debuted this past year. It really didn't get any air play in the US but the concept was all over MINIUSA's marketing for the convertible.

We had “acquired” a hi-res quicktime video of the “Jump” mini (no pun intended) documentary a few months back but had been reluctant to post it do to the size of the file. Now we don't have to! Check it out below:

[ Tough Landings ]
  • Ian

    So is there really a guy jumping (in which case he is crazy) or did they CGI his mistakes as well as his success?

  • It is indeed real. In the hi-res video I have it's easier to see that.

  • joe

    i'm sure he jumped into an ice bath after that … wow

  • Vanwall


     Rob in Dago

  • Wings

    Good grief! He must have been awfully black and blue by the time they were done!

  • Driving Hamster

    That man deserves a whole tub of ben-gay after that one. He took that headrest in “the boys” a few times! Ouch. Now they got me playing the jump game too

  • TSizemore3

    One wonders how badly they damaged the MINI with all these landings.

  • MacGuruTx

    Now there's the real travesty!

    I think we should band together and form PETM, People for the Ethical Treatment of Mini's. I'd like to see a disclaimer on the videos.

    “No Mini's were actually harmed in the making of this film!”

  • Joshua Drew

    cute… it is amazing how computer graphics play into these!

  • Gabe, please please tell me where I can download that commercial! I will even pay you to burn it and mail it to me. Its probably one of my all time commercials (I collect them) for its emotional response!


  • jason Smith

    I Love the jump ad. Is there any way to get hold of the quicktime version your mentioned.

    Love it.


  • David Holmes

    To all you guys who loved the Jump commercial, I would like to tell you that it was me! My name’s Dave, and I loved reading your reviews, it really made me laugh! I’ve only just found this site, and I think it’s really cool, and even I’m playing the game.

    For all those who thought it was visual effects and camera trickery, my deeply bruised, lower, higher and mid section, would have proven you wrong, the day after :o)

    A quick note to the makers of this Website:

    I would not object to you using my name and would love to hear from you, via my e-mail.

    Your bruised buddy,


  • Kristine

    Ah, I absolutely loved the commercial and just found this site. Imagine my delight and surprise when a link was presented to show the many bruises in the making of the jump.

    Simply lovely.

    David Holmes, you are extraordinary. First time I saw the commercial, I must admit, I rolled my eyes and said, “He’ll never make it.” And when you did, I was amazed.

    Totally rad.