Special Edition MINI in 2006?

MINI2 has the scoop on what could be a late model special edition to the MINI. Here's an excerpt:

Details are sketchy, but production numbers look set to be limited to around 4,000 cars, which will be very basic in specification (to keep weight down) and will include many unique carbon fibre components to keep the weight of the Cooper S to an absolute minimum.

You can read more at MINI2.

MF analysis: Those that are familiar with BMW's history know that the idea of a special edition model towards the end of a model's production run is a common procedure. It boosts interest in the brand in what is usually a slower sales period helps sell cars. And with BMW's new found interest in carbon fiber (check out the new M6 and carbon fiber roof) we could see something very interesting. The biggest questions would be specification and pricing. MINI has a fine line to walk in terms of what the public wants and what the public will pay… witness the MC40.

  • Matt

    color me interested. my recent decision not to flip my 03 for an 05 JCW is fuel part by the trend for killer end of production cycle specials. i hope it turns into something worth getting excited about.

  • Allan

    How many people would like to see a mid engine, rear wheel drive MINI?

    Much like the Renault Clio sport

  • Sounds like the M3 CSL edition, lot's of CF, hundred kilos less weight.

  • MrV

    Will it come in an Auto ?

    Ha ha! Just kidding. Stirring the pot!


  • GSKChicago

    Curious… How much does weight affect a car's performance. Statistically I mean. For every 100 pounds of weight reduction, what does that equate to?

    I suspect there is a different way of looking at it statistically than this… If so, educate me. :o)


  • nemi


    To over simplify

    Force = mass x acceleration

    So with constant force (i.e. the engine is the same for this special ed. Cooper S) then reducing the mass by 10% will increse the accleration by 10% (think 0-60 times).

    Of course real life is far, far more complicated..

  • nrkist

    I'll be pushing 50k on my 04 by then… hmmm… and of course they'll be needing to clear out their R53 JCW inventory… If they could come up with a decent “package” price on the following, I could be interested:

    • LSD
    • JCW tuning kit
    • JCW suspension kit
    • JCW brake kit
    • JCW (Sparco) seats w integrated airbags
    • Various aluminum and/or cf parts to reduce weight (at least 200lbs)
    • truly lightweight wheels
    • no AC option
    • distinctinve (de-chromed?) exterior
    • aux gauges
  • markjenn

    This all makes sense. There is a very natural falloff in interest in the old model as the new one gets nearer to intro. So they'll look for creative ways to do low-engineering-cost “special editions” to keep a little bit of the halo around the old car. Oldest trick in the book. And it might be an attractive car, especially if you're not a turbo fan.

    • Mark
  • nrkist

    “Force = mass x acceleration

    So with constant force (i.e. the engine is the same for this special ed. Cooper S) then reducing the mass by 10% will increse the accleration by 10% (think 0-60 times).”

    Ah, but don't forget that a car accelerates in many directions, not just forward, although tell this to an American muscle car enthusiast and you will be met with a blank stare. Weight impacts braking and lateral acceleration as well. “Simplify and add lightness.” Learn it. Live it.

  • eh

  • allan MICHAEL

    Hopefully it wont be another MC 40 (which stands for Mistaken Car 40 times over).

  • dan

    I love my MC40. I see run of the mill mini's all day everyday… in 8 months of driving i've not seen one other mc40 on the road. If they make this new special, it will likely be more expensive than the mc40, but well worth it to the “right” person… just like my car.

  • dan – I really like the MC40 spec too. However I think MINIUSA missed some of their target audience with the options they chose to include and omit.

    It's a great idea though and for those that enjoy the spec, it's a great car.

  • allan MICHAEL

    Sorry Dan,,,i went a bit overboard,,, just thought the MC40 was overpriced, that's all. Glad you like your car. I just want to see Mini do a really special car for the money.

  • GrumpyGills

    Am I the only one who thinks carbon fibre is ugly? The stuff looks like chain-mail to me.

  • Ian

    I hate carbon fiber too …

    Dan, there is more than one way to get a unique MINI; I have not yet seen another one like mine 😉

  • Vanwall

    Gee, I hope it's available in different colors, and they paint the dang CF. A Lightweight Special would be just the name for it – Oops, Issigonis already used it! 😉 But, you know, the more the factory makes it closer to a racer, the better the value as collectible. Remember the lightened Talledaga Fords, with a reworked station-wagon bumper for a front spoiler? Or some of those Chevys with aluminum hoods? Or early Lo-Corts with ally body bits? All these babies are very sought-after. When I think about it, CF isn't so bad – Yeah, that's the ticket – lighter is better!

      Rob in Dago

  • Cool, I just covered weight reduction on our forums, so if you want some detailed information on how weight reduction affects performance driving, click here:


  • Al Sutton

    What I really want is a Mini Cooper WAGON

  • Matt

    al, you just may get one in the next generation.

    personally, i love the idea of a SE MINI, assuming it's an S, with loads of light weight materials and a more aggressive sporting nature. The only thing that if missing that could give me considerable pause would be the CWP.

  • RB

    Reminds me of the Max Hoffman suggested '54 Porsche Speedster idea from a long time ago.

    As far as weight goes ask any roadracer about adding penalty weight to their cars.

    If ya want a Renault Clio… buy a Renualt Clio, yes the Renault Clio Sport is an awsome car, but this is a MINI Cooper! Not a Ferrari, Not a Porsche, Not a Astin Martin, Not a Mercedes…IT'S A FRICKIN MINI COOPER!


    I wrote this figuring nobody would come back to this post. So if I offended anybody sorry, but geeeez give me a break.


    I wish we could choose BOLD type.


  • Ian

    RB, I think you can use bold type (see “the fine print” under “post a comment”)

  • RB – I did it for you 🙂

  • RB

    Thanx Gabe & Ian.


  • RB: You've obviously never reeled in the aforementioned Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, or Mercedes in the twisties, or you'd never say something like “It's just a MINI Cooper”. The agility of our little short-wheelbase machines with a little chassis adjustment and sans some weight would be unmatched!

    With all the experience BMW has in ultra-high-quality carbon fiber, and the many CSL models under their belt, I think a MINI CSL would be one serious track/canyon monster!

  • RB


    Ya miss quoted me and missed my point.

    A comment was made about a Renault Clio…I was responding to that comment.

    ALSO…I did not say “it's just a Mini Cooper.” I said…”IT'S A FRICKIN MINI COOPER!”

    It was a compliment! Meaning…it's not these other cars , it is what it is and lets leave it that way.

    BTW…I love my '02 MCS and I hope they never become anything less!

    Good Cheer to ya.


  • Yeah, true enough. A MINI has always been front-engined, front-wheel-drive, but hey–why not evolve it for the special edition and make it a mid-engined, rear-wheel-drive sports car? It would give the Elise a run for its money!

  • RB

    I refuse to do battle until ya carry a sword!


  • Peter Reynolds

    Some of you might remember the Austin Metro. It was supposed to replace the Mini, but the Mini was still in production long after the Metro production stopped. Well, there was a Group B rally car based on the Metro. It had a mid-engine V6 driving the rear wheels.

  • Pravelon

    I too, would like to see a Mini split door wagon. The prior generations of such a model were unparallelled in proportional space and utilty, and they were still fun to drive.