Based on what a few sources are saying it seems MINIUSA has been having issues getting the new Official MINI armrest approved in the US. Word has it the supplier of the intended armrest was unable to meet MINI's quality standards. This was also verified in a recent MINIUSA bulletin that referenced the new armrest. Interestingly the part number that was listed didn't match the new oem version we were expecting but the MINI-FINI version that has been out for over a year (seen here ). So it's not entirely clear what armrest will be showing up on cars in a month but it seems that it won't be what we had thought.

Interestingly a photo of another new armrest from MINI showed up in my email box recently. It appears to be similar to the bluetooth armrest we wrote about a few months ago but with a storage compartment where there would be the phone port. Typically I wouldn't even make any mention of it but in the description file from MINI it listed that the product was intended for the US market. Could this be MINI's eventual solution?

You can see a couple pics of this new oem armrest below:

[ Photo 1 ] [ Photo 2 ]